Winners Never Stop Learning

Just got back from St. Louis and the Glazer- Kennedy
Info-SUMMIT conference.


And instead of some long introduction or incidental
story about what happened to me this weekend, I’m
going to cut straight to the chase and tell you the biggest
lesson I learned –


What it takes to be ‘Successful’.


Lee Milteer, a world-class motivational speaker and
success Coach made an absolutely breathtaking speech

about ‘How to Succeed in Business and Life’.


Here are the two key points I learned from her 60

minute talk:


1. Successful people are over-achievers who are
constantly trying to get better


2. Successful people are life-long learners; always
searching to ‘know more’


Think about those two points for a second and put them
into perspective in terms of where I was this weekend.


The cost for attending this event was staggering – one
ticket was roughly the same price as what it would cost

you to fly from Chicago to Australia.


Getting the picture yet?


Each and every speaker was selling some kind of product
from the stage, the least expensive of which was $3,000.00.


And each of the speakers ‘sold out’.


Understand where I’m going with this?


The folks who attended this event were, in every possible
definition of the word, already successful.


To be able to afford the price of admission AND still
have money left over to purchase an information product
that totaled into the thousands proves me point on that.


But there they were.


More than 800 attendees from all over the world.


Already successful, already financially ‘set’, but still
taking time out of there schedules and laying money
down to learn more.


Learn more to become even MORE successful.


Now, re-visit point number ‘2’ of what I learned from
Lee Milteer.


Successful people are always learning.


That’s part of what makes them successful and very
much one of the key ingredients to what makes them


Hold that in context, understand the point and ask
yourself this question –


If you haven’t already gotten a hold of my brand-new
‘Secrets to Program Design’ course, why not?


The fact that Successful People are constantly learning

more in order to become MORE successful is all I would
need to know.


And isn’t the cost of one training session to you worth that?


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How Successful do you intend to be in life?








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