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Youth Fitness Tools

What do you REALLY need to train young athletes properly?


What if I gave you an exact template to spend no more than $50, but with that small investment, could stock your entire Youth Fitness & Sport Training business with exactly what you needed to both:


Get started now…


And, be fully equipped to ‘do it right’?


Think I’m crazy?


Then watch this short video:



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All Things ‘Youth Fitness & Sport Training’ Based…


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– Brian


Youth Fitness


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  1. Last summer I showed our U10 boys team how to make a ladder from 2 dollar store dog leads and an 8′ length of 3/4″PVC plumbing tubing for all for under $5 total (voila…ladders for everyone). Again… dollar store gel type circular oven pads make a great low cost hard floor movement target. Sometimes a little creativity can go a long way-budget shouldnt stop you from starting and you can always upgrade.

  2. Great video Dave and always great stuff Brian. Many different drills can be done with all the equipment mentioned. A pennie can be used as a place holder for freeze tag or relays throwing it up in the air and seeing which time can keep it going the longest.

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