This is Why He’s Successful In Youth Training

Aaron Larmore gets youth training.


That’s why he’s experiencing the success he is.


:: Current IYCA Member of the Week


:: Owner of the amazing, massive and successful ‘Fit 2 Live’ gym in Iowa


:: Profiled in the Iowa City newspapers virtually every week


:: Has a WAITING LIST for his summer sports youth training program



Did I mention that Aaron is only 26 years old?


Pretty impressive, isn’t it?


I suppose you could argue that some people just have ‘it’, you know.


Success is something they are.


Whatever they touch just works.


Well, at the risk of sounding mean, that isn’t at all true for Aaron.


Yes, he is a very capable Coach.


Yes, he’s smart and intuitive with his business.


Yes, he is an incredibly hard working man.


But do you know why Aaron has experienced such amazing success?


Because he never, EVER stops learning or spending money on information.


Aaron was one of the very first professionals to become a certified Youth
Conditioning Specialist through the IYCA when we released back in 2005.


He came to our first Level 1 Youth training Fitness Specialist seminar back in
February of 2008.


And guess where Aaron was this past February???


You guessed it. He was in Louisville, Kentucky at our International Summit.


A lifelong learner.


Willing to spend time and money on things that make him better.


Better at coaching and better in business.


And look at what that kind of mentality has produced.


At 26, he has done more in this industry than most I know literally 10 or 15
years older than he is.


Aaron and I spoke on the phone just yesterday and the conversation made
me smile like you wouldn’t believe.


It went something like this….


"Hey Brian, guess what? One of my young athletes just broke the state
record for the 100 meter dash! Isn’t that fantastic!!"


"Great job, Aaron! You should be very proud"


"I am! Oh, by the way, I saw that the Summit DVD’s went on sale today.
Can’t wait to see them! I already placed my order. I want to watch all those youth training
presentations again. There’s so much more I know I can get out of them if
I watch them a few more times"


Any questions?


Get your copy of the Summit DVD’s now by clicking on the link below –




Success leaves clues, my friend.


And Aaron is showing you the path……



– Brian



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