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The Youth Fitness and Sport Training market has officially exploded.


Trainers, Coaches, Facilities and Health Clubs worldwide have all jumped at this new opportunity to provide quality service to the demographic most in need.


And the market has responded.


More than 1 million kids and teenagers hired a Personal Trainer last year in the United States alone and as much as $4 billion are spent every year in this country on training and coaching for kids.


But as with any new marketplace, the professionals who can claim ‘Specialist’ status will eventually become the go-to-experts for consumers at large.


Parents will absolutely and unequivocally stop shipping their kids off to generic Trainers and instead, opt for those of us who have become authorities in the areas pertaining to their children’s needs.


Savvy professionals in this industry already understand that to capture a market share in this rapidly expanding demographic, they must possess the technical knowledge and business smarts the will best appeal to these specific consumers.


For the next 2 days, during the IYCA’s ‘Back-To-School’ week, you can obtain virtually everything you need to enhance your knowledge AND learn to manage a successful and profitable business in the Youth Fitness and Sport Training market.


The ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ certification will give you knowledge, credibility and a leg-up on other local competitors.


The ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business Systems’ course will teach you everything you need to know about creating incredibly successful and revenue-rich businesses in the youth market.


And until Friday, you can have both for a drastically reduced price:


‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ Certification:

Regular Price = $247

‘Back-To-School’ Price = $177


‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business Systems’ Course:

Regular Price = $127

‘Back-To-School’ Price = $77


Knowledge AND business systems… For a massive discount…


Click Here for all the Details —> https://iyca.org/blowout-sale/


– Brian


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