The IYCA International Summit is Now Open!

The moment has arrived.


What a rush for me to be able to offer this to you.


A ‘change your life and your career’ announcement that, quite
frankly, is also going to change my life, too.


The IYCA International Summit


The culmination of more than 6 years of hard work and sacrifice.


An event that is going to alter the lives of all those in attendance.


‘Done for you’ business strategies that are guaranteed to increase
your revenue the very second you start to implement them.


Never-before-released secret training methods that will enhance
your ability and reputation as a Coach forever.


An experience of a life time with colleagues and soon-to-be
friends from around the world.


Networking opportunities that will alter your businesses leverage
and market appeal in an extraordinary way.


6 CEU’s towards your IYCA certification just for attending.


An additional 3 CEU’s for opting to attend the "How to Run
Profitable Speed Clinics and Camps" special closed door session
(which you must register for by this coming Friday, December
5th in order to attend).


I simply can’t wait.


Writing emails to you daily is a wonderful experience for me.


Hosting live Tele-Conferences is a fantastic way for me to offer
you insight and ideas.


But getting in front of you live on stage is something altogether


Being able to SHOW you my passion.


Sitting down with you during breaks in the day and discussing your
successes and business concerns.


Being able to shake your hand or give you a hug.


Meeting you for the first time or seeing you again…


… These are the magic that make live events so incredibly valuable
and special.


I just cannot wait.


Sometimes in life it’s not what you do that can make or break your


It’s what you don’t do.


The International Summit WILL fill up to capacity in a matter of
hours or days.


This is your chance to lock in to the biggest event the fitness
industry is ever going to see.


What are you going to do with that opportunity?


Here is your link…




This is your chance to experience career success like you never
dreamed possible.



I sincerely hope to see you in February.




P.S. – If you want to secure your spot in the "Running Profitable
Speed Clinics & Camps" Workshop where we’ll provide *everything*
you need to hold your own successful events- enroll now:



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