Youth Fitness Specialist key to Happiness: Part 1


Youth Fitness Specialist Article by Bobby Cuppucio

Last night in London, I believe I shared a simultaneous epiphany with Steve Jack, Elena and Michol Dalcourt.  We were discussing well… the secret of happiness.  Wine and the city make for an interesting conversation to say the least.  What does make people happy?  Or, more anecdotally, why are so many people not happy?  According to Dr. Martin Seligman,  in the decades that he has been a psychologist, he has discovered that there are three levels of happiness


They are:


  1. A life of pleasure
  2. A life of engagement
  3. A life of purpose


A life of pleasure is where you have the resources to bring you all the comforts you could possibly want.  Freedom to have practically anything, do anything and go anywhere… in style. 


A life of engagement is when you do what you love to do.  These are people who don’t lament the ominous ringing of the alarm clock, beckoning them to a job they hate.  These people love what they do and do what they love.  They spend their days absorbed in it, energized by it! 


A life of purpose is experienced by individuals who have clearly identified and devoted themselves to something beyond themselves.  They live each day with intense purpose spending their lives on a cause they find worthwhile.


Dr. Seligman points out that the first one, a life of happiness does give us satisfaction (researches have finally concluded that if you won the mega millions lottery, you’d notice), but only for a little while.  Once the holidays are over and the possessions acquired, we are left with the feeling, “is this all there is?” The ensuing feeling is emptiness.  The other two seem to provide a more enduring sense of intrinsic reward.  In fact Dr. Seligman points out that the only time a life of pleasure provides sustained happiness is when an individual is also immersed in a life of engagement, purpose or both…


Youth Fitness Specialist

Come Back Tomorrow For Youth Fitness Specialist Happiness ‘Part 2’…


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