The Economic Stimulus and Your Fitness Center

We want to start understanding how it is we’ve helped and forecast
some of the new things we’ve got coming down the pipe to you.


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  1. Brian

    I’ve learned a lot from my talks with you over the years, as well as with Pat.

    Your site and your Complete Athlete Development product are essential for real youth conditioning.

    I look forward to seeing you in New Jersey this May.

  2. Matt Holmes says:

    Hey you personally know how you and the IYCA have changed my life. Also the whole team over there!

    I have been opened up to a new area of fitness that I know I am going to enjoy for a long time and fit perfect for me, and will just add to my empire.

    I also just landed my first private contracting gig for the city this summer doing 6-10yr youth programs!!

    Thank you and everyone else!!

  3. Brian-
    Having just met you for the first time in February at the Summit, it wasn’t life-changing per se, but life-reaffirming. Knowing that there are others who share the same vision and passion and are agents of change made me feel like I was doing the right vocation irrespective of the down economy. So, for that, I am proud to be affiliated with the IYCA.

  4. Rob Kirkland says:

    Brian your Complete Athlete Development and the IYCA have help me to indentify my niche and as a result I have obtained a contract with youth sports organization in my home town!

  5. Michael Mroczek says:

    Hey Brian. I can’t say enough about the IYCA, the IYCA team, and the IYCA resources. Though I’ve been certified for the past few years, I still learn from and am motivated by the IYCA. The Summit gave incentive to “take it up a notch.” Since then I’ve increased my client base, I’m writing a column for the local newspaper, and my first DVD is in its final editing stage. Thank you to the IYCA team.

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