The Core of A Young Athlete


What’s at the core of a Young Athlete?


Watch this and then comment below to tell me what you think:



Young Athlete
– Brian



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  1. Alan Edge says:

    I too believe that children should discover for themselves with the minimumum of needed correction.( initially )
    also that the temprement and manner of the coach is often over looked in its importance to the young athlete, and his long term development.

  2. Smithjam says:

    I agree that kids get more out of it when they “coach themselves” and each other. They are more in tune to what they are doing. If they have been shown, explained and demonstrated what is expected they can figure out when it’s done correctly or not. Thanks Dave….

  3. Bob Topp says:

    One element of this discussion is to teach the concept of body awareness. How many of us have asked a kid if they felt or knew that they had done the skill a certain way and the kid did not know? I have come to see that, at times, we need to ask them to be aware of what a body part does in a skill. Then we can go key in on it and make adjustments as needed.

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