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Youth Speed Certification


While thousands of people worldwide have already taken advantage of the “$100 Off” discount I’ve offered you on my new Speed & Agility Specialist Certification, hundreds more have been emailing in some specific questions about the course itself.


So, I decided it would be a good idea to get you some answers.



1.) Is the Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification Right For Me?


Great question and easy answer…


If you work with young athletes or youth fitness participants in anyway, than 100% YES!!


Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Fitness Professionals

Youth Fitness Specialists

Youth Sports Coaches


The information that Lee and I put together is both easy to follow and incredibly practical.


You will gain a new and exciting look at how to make athletes faster and be able to implement our internationally proven systems virtually overnight.


We explain each and every concept of our system in complete detail in the Youth Speed Certification which makes it a perfect resource for seasoned industry veterans, new members of the fitness industry as well as sport Coaches who simply want to make their teams and athletes faster.



2.) What Age Athletes Does This Apply To?


Lee and I have combined our two successful systems and merged them into a complete developmental speed program specifically for participants aged 6 – 18 years old.


Our Development Phase will show you how to effectively work with younger athletes in the 6 – 10 year old range – increasing their speed immediately and setting them up for greater success in the future.


Our Transitional Phase explains how to enhance the speed and agility of athletes aged 11 – 14 who are currently going through a growth spurt and how to make them high school ready.


Our Championship Phase details how to produce the fastest and quickest athletes on the field or court from ages 14 – 18, ensuring that your high school athletes are the best there is.



3.) Are There Pre-Requisites to The Course?


You need to have a high school diploma and pass our criminal background check.


If you are currently IYCA Certified, than this does not apply to you since you have already provided verification of education and successfully passed a criminal background check prior to the issue of your credential.


You DO NOT need to be a current IYCA Certified Professional to qualify for the Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification.



4.) Is This Course Effective For Baseball, Soccer, Football etc…?


In short, yes!


Lee Taft is considered the world leader in speed & agility training for all field and court sports.


Within the Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification course, we show you how to apply the speed training program to specific sports and even specific positions for any field and court sport you can think of.


First to the ball in soccer…


Effective base stealing techniques for baseball…


Defensive coverage for football…


Optimal court coverage in tennis…


It’s all in the Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification!



5.) What Does The Course Include?


Our Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification Course is the “one-stop-shop” for all your speed training needs –


:: 6+ Hours of DVD (theory & practical)

:: 2+ Hours of Audio (speed training system)

:: 100+ Pages of Written material (theory & practical)


Topics Covered –


:: Plyo-Steps (optimal acceleration tool)

:: Hip Turns (superior agility techniques)

:: Principles of Movement (effective deceleration training system)

:: Programming (strength, speed/agility training exercises)

:: Successful Business Systems (profiting through speed camps/clinics)



6.) How Is The Course Delivered?


The very second you place your order, our distribution center will ship you all the material listed above (DVD’s and textbook).


Immediately you will gain access to a download page that includes your two audios:


1. Speed Training System (6 – 18 years old)

2. The Business of Speed (hosting profitable speed camps and clinics)


This is a home study course that you can learn from and review in the comfort of your own home or office.



7.) How Do I Write The Exam?


The Youth Speed & Agility Specialist certification course is a home-study course. Instructions for exam submission can be found on the Submit Your Exam page



8.) Do I Earn Credentials Once I Pass?




You will become a certified Youth Speed & Agility Specialist (YSAS) through the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA).


You can use these credentials on your resume, website, stationary and after your name.


The Speed & Agility Specialist Certification will be available for a full $100 off discount until Friday October 9


Click below right now to take advantage of that savings


—–> www.YouthSpeedSpecialist.com


I’ve also offered you a 3-installments payment plan that allows you to enjoy the information for a less upfront fee


—-> Click here to see the 3 easy installment payment plan



11 Responses

  1. Bilal says:

    Will I have access to the coaches via email if I have any questions during the course?

  2. Brian Grasso says:

    Yes… You will!!


  3. Jonathan Wengel says:

    How can I order this if I don’t have a credit card?

  4. Sara says:

    Jonathan, the best thing to do is send an email to support@iycasupport.com or call the IYCA at 888-366-4922

    We have a few different options available for you, so contacting our support staff will let us see which one is best for you.

  5. Craig says:

    Do you have to renew this certification, and if so, how often?

  6. Chris says:

    Will this count as CEC’s for other certifications like ACE or NASM?

  7. Brian Grasso says:

    Please review the FAQ section on http://www.IYCA.org for renewal answers. All of our certifications carry the same policy.

    Both NASM and ACE routinely award CEU’s for our educational programs. Check with both organizations for specifics.


  8. Jeff MacFarland says:

    Are you able to extend the discounted price?

  9. jesse salinas says:

    How soon and what does the certificate or credentials look like . I am a track,football,basketball coach. I RUN AND HEAD,a summer track and football conditioning program.I NEED VISABLE ,REVIEWABLE CREDENTIALS.

  10. Adrian Thorne says:

    Can I get the speed and agility, and the developmental package, strength and power together. I have spent 11 years with a high school in Barbados, I’ve developed a number of programs which were successful. But it is time for something more structure for continual success, I am looking for a complete package. I also do a number of camps which a lot of kids are not attracted too, how can I change this.

  11. admin says:

    HI Adrian,

    You can email what you are looking for to support@iycasupport.com and our team will get back to you right away.

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