Reactive Coaching For Athletic Development?


What is ‘Reactive Coaching’?


Do you coach ‘to the plan’ or ‘above the clipboard’?


This is one of the most incredibly important factors that separate good Coaches from great ones’.


What is Athletic Development?


A fad ‘catch-phrase’ or something we truly need to understand?


Watch this…


… You’re going to be surprised:



Understanding the true essence of Athletic Development is something that can’t be ignored…


The SCIENCE is Programming, but the ART is Coaching:


See What I Mean —> https://iyca.org/products/yfs1



– Brian



4 Responses

  1. Ted says:

    Love the thought and teaching. Absolutely dead on balls accurate!!! One thing though; Dave calls it Reflective Coaching, and the title of this post is Reactive Coaching. Did I miss something?

  2. Theo says:

    Awesome stuff man! This literally happened last week after a snow day…I didn’t catch myself and throw the clipboard down like I should have. I knew something was up but didn’t put my finger on it until I reflected on it all night—or should I say beat myself up over it all night.

  3. Jim Blaz,OTR/L, MS, CSCS,CPT(A), CWLI, CHFI says:

    Wow! Very impressive and accurate. Thanks for taking the time to really encourage coaches of all ages, education, and experience to remember the impotance of not only what they teach and ahow they teach, but how it is recieved and comprehended. A valuable lesson in coaching effectiveness that all should be concerned with. WHat good are credentials and experience if we are not effective teachers,first and foremost. Thanks! jIm Blaz

  4. Travis says:

    Very very right on! I am getting my Master’s degree in Coaching, Phys Ed and Health, and this stuff is exactly what we talk about. Always yearning to become a better coach, never thinking you know it all, and internally motivating your athletes because they want to work, not just because you’re telling them to!

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