Preventing Youth Sports Injuries

Is there a difference in ‘Injury Prevention’ for soccer versus baseball with young athletes?


How about hockey versus volleyball?


Interesting topic…


Watch this video on Youth Sports Injuries and see what you think:




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  1. Jerry Shreck says:

    Hey guys, I love that you are talking about the importance of injury prevention. I have written articles and posted videos at http://www.varietytrainer.com that cover many of the exercises that coaches and athletes can use to help in this area. Please share with your readers as this is an area that everyone needs to start looking more closely at. I hope this helps.
    Jerry Shreck

  2. Dr. T. Prabhakar Reddy says:

    good and interesting

  3. Dave, You couldn’t be more on target than you are with your video today. We have carved out a niche in our competitive market by being the “go to” center for injury screening and prevention programs as well as building better athletes. It took a while, but we have finally been able to educate enough parents and coaches on the importance of young athletes first developing good balance and body control, adequate flexibility, sound movement patterns, learning how to decelerate, and then building into more complex movement patterns. We all need to pay attention to this to reverse the exponential rise in sports injuries in young athletes.

  4. robert says:

    i order and pay for fundamentals of high school strength and conditioning from iyca two dvd set and a manual. and the dvd do not work/run, rhey stop/start and also appear blurred any way something like that. so they just done do nothing.so please some assistance with this matter would be great.
    cheers robert.

  5. Brian Grasso says:

    Robert…. Please email Melissa directly. She is at support@iycasupport.com. She will take care of everything you need! Sorry for the difficulties…. BG

  6. […] of your athletes prior to a season, and have them perform the preventative exercises, before any Youth Sports Injuries […]

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