Post IYCA Summit – Please Help…

I really want to know…

What was the Summit like for you?

The atmosphere?

The Speakers?

The content?

The fellowship with other IYCA Family Members worldwide?

What was it like for you?

Is the Summit different or the same as other fitness conferences you’ve been to?

Please… Take a moment to tell me below.



26 Responses

  1. Phil Hueston says:

    The 2010 Summit was a unique and remarkable experience! I’ve been to dozens of fitness seminars, weekend programs and “business boot camps,” and the IYCA Summit was the best, period.
    I felt like each presenter was there to assist me and every other member of the IYCA in our effort to fulfill our mission. They each seemed to “get” that it’s not about us, the products we have to sell or how “famous” we can get: it’s about improving the youth fitness culture in our world, and helping those we SERVE.
    Servant leadership is the essence of our purpose on earth. That came through loud and clear.
    Every presenter was willing to take questions, listen to supporting/opposing viewpoints and offer suggestions and solutions.
    Thanks, Brian and everyone at the IYCA for putting this important time and event together.
    Phil Hueston, IYCA YFS
    All Star Sports Academy
    Toms River, NJ

  2. Andy Pfefferkorn says:

    I was unable to attend this year’s conference (was there last yr!), but what I thought was outstanding was the streaming video component you offered this year. After each client or session I would go to the computer and catch some good content. And thank you for offering the conference discounts as well.

  3. Brendan Murray says:

    I am an athletics coach in Drogheda, Ireland, near Dublin.

    I also help out with Gaelic Footall (Ireland’s national sport), Special Olympics, and soon I hope volleyball, and swimming.

    In any area of physical recreation, commonly known as sport there is a complete lack of understanding of the long term growth and athletic development in young children.

    This usually results in coaches shouting “faster” “harder” more effort” and such like.

    Do we not realise the child is already trying their hardest.

    A few years of this approach typically leads to injuries, or burnout resulting with that particular individual finished with exercise and recreation for life.

    There’s got to be a better way, and you guys are showing that there is a better way.

    And more importantly, how to put this better way into practice.

    Things are changing for the better, but there are still many slow learners out there, both coaches and parents.

    So well done and keep up the good work!

  4. Mitchell Lamm says:

    I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t get to see much of it, however I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your advice. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. I have been trying to build a successful golf fitness program and have had alittle success so far. However everything I do is one on one training. After hearing your audio on your website I understand now that I’m approaching things wrong. I want to be a specialist in my communiity for golf fitness and performance training. I have been blown away from the material on your website and was wondering can I still stand out as a golf fitness specialist along with incorporating youth fitness or would this be too much. I am really struggling with this and do not know the right path to take.
    Thanks for any help you can provide, Mitchell

  5. Brian Racer says:


    This was the first fitness summit or conference of any kind that I’ve ever been to since I’ve only become associated with the IYCA about 5 months ago, but I’ve been to many others related to my profession. I can’t say that I’ve ever been benefited quite as much as this past summit.

    Even though the presenters were all accomplished and have moved well beyond where I am at this point, it came across that they remember what it’s like to be where I am now. The practicals were outstanding. Even though I may not be using those training methods right away, I could see the value of keeping an open mind. The supporting materials (notes and items for sale) were great and fairly, maybe exceptionally priced.

    I attended the business builders workshop and I can’t tell you how valuable the information and wisdom that was shared clarified the direction and first steps of my new business. Pat, thanks for your clear thinking, directness, and availability.

    That last thing is the absolute best. That is, the presenters were not huddled off in a back room and “speaking to us from the tower” but were abundantly available, helpful, engaged, and generous with their time, wisdom, and experience. You guys modeled what you preached. You said it was about relationships and proved it. I feel like I’ve begun some relationships that will continue to grow and move forward.

    Those relationships weren’t just with the guys and gals on the stage. Phil, who commented above was helpful to my thinking on some things and we ended up enjoying a dinner out. Thanks to Billy, Dave J., Jeff, Dave G., Carlo, Lee, and Erik, for sharing some fellowship by sharing you lives outside of “shop topics.”

    Next year’s conference will have a tough time exceeding what I received this year. You know what they say about your “first” of anything. But if I have to cheat a snowstorm and sleep at the airport overnight to get there again next year–it will be worth it.

  6. The 2010 Summit was the first I been to and was above all the most engaging. I meet so many great coaches who was willing to talk shop on how we as a whole can make changes in the way we train, and run our business. The presenters were available all weekend to clarify some details to the method of there training without feeling they were being challenged.
    I have been to many other conventions, seminars, and workshops where if you questioned someones method to gather understanding, it turned into a sword fight if you know what I mean.
    Kudos to all in the IYCA.

  7. Phil Loomis says:

    The Summit was very timely for me Brian. The inspiration you provide along with the stellar performances of Jack and Gleason were tremendous. Sometimes I run my energy a little low supporting/motivating young athletes and their parents. I find the leadership of the IYCA gives me the jolt I need to keep coaching at a high level. “Motivation is like bathing it should be required daily.” I’m not sure where I read that but it has stuck in my mind and applies to my Summit experience.

    I also enjoyed the unique presentation of Toby Brooks. The Summit provided me with 2 months worth of article content! The practical application offerings were also a positive add.

    Finally, I must add that Lee Taft alone is worth the price of admission. Tremendous coach and even better guy! I am definitely fired up for the Speed/Agility Level 2 in May.

    Only downside was the weather but your staff handled something beyond their control very well.

    Congratulations on the Summit and your engagment Brian!

    Phil Loomis

  8. Tim Elliott says:

    I teach elementary P.E. and coach HS baseball and this is my first seminar that is not P.E. or baseball specific. It was great to hear the presenters talk about “serving others” and “building relationships”. I agree with what Phil said, we are here to serve others first.
    The presenters gave us great information and were willing to speak with us as long as we had questions. I especially want to thank Dave Gleason and Lee Taft for answering all of my baseball conditioning questions. I left the conference feeling that I have been taught some outstanding ideas that I can take back to use with my elementary students and the HS baseball players.
    I have also learned a tremendous amount from Brian’s Complete Athletic Development program.

  9. Frank Daniels says:

    The summit was the first event I had ever been to. I am fresh in the fitness business compared to most but needed a new direction and a belief that there was a future in this for me. Basically I want to get my hands on some of those billions. Only problem was the weather cancelled my flight several times and I couldnt get there by plane. So I drove from NY!

    I knew that this was a great opportunity for me to surround myself with the type of people I needed to be around to begin to see the success that I dream of. And to be honest it was more than worth the drive from NYC out to Kentucky. I knew that is exactly where I needed to be and no weather or snow storm was going to stop me.

    Now I admit to being a little overwhelemed by the amount of super-star fitness professionals and maybe didnt ask as many questions as I should have. But this event did wonders for me and I look forward to attending more. I thought that it was well desinged especially in the fact that it litterly covered all areas. Every speaker or work-shop presenter hit things from a different angle. It was super-informative and inspirational!!

    I have just begun the process to great success by surrounding myself with smarter people.

    One of the best moves I ever have made was to jump in that car and drive to Louiville Kentucky!!!


  10. Nate Turner says:

    This was the most valuable and enjoyable professional conference I have attended in my long and storied (kidding…) training and coaching career.

    I echo the sentiments of those above about the availability of the speakers. I made it a point to meet and interact with each presenter, and found all of them willing to stop, talk and if asked, offer advice.

    The mix of practical application sessions and lectures was scheduled perfectly to keep my body and brain working all day long. 9am to 5pm flew by each day. Keep that format for sure.

    In particular, I’d like to thank Lee Taft, Carlo Alvarez, Pat Rigsby and Dave Jack for their insight and friendly discussions.

    Finally, the Brown Hotel was a great venue, and a serious bargain at the rates you guys negotiated for us.

    Thanks for a job well done!

  11. Anthony Dix says:

    I saw the Summit via the streaming videos. Even though I was not there I could definitely feel the passion every single presenter has for this industry and youth in general. It’s awesome to see the information presented was not just nuts & bolts technical stuff. It was mostly about relationships and how those relationships will yield better results than the perfect program. This conference blew me away and I can’t until next years Summit. Hopefully I will physically be there. Thanks Brian.

  12. Ken says:

    I attended the first summit last year and had a great time as well as beenfitted tremendously from the speakers and interaction with the other attendees. I was unable to attend this year and was very disappointed to be unable to do so. I was excited to be able to watch on streaming video. Thanks for doing that.

  13. Richard Holmes says:

    Listened to almost all the speakers on stream. It was rich, flavour-packed and just a constant buzz. Felt like a gatecrasher to be honest! I didn’t have a ticket, wasn’t really supposed to be there and nobody knew i was there so it was quite surreal. Considering how badly i wanted to be there the question did cross my mind “is this really happening?”

    Liked the natural flow of the summit, from speakers talking about working with young kids to high school to college. Then how to manage a business and make money etc. Really insightful, passionate people made it easy to get into. Made loads of notes. Would have liked the videos on ustream for a few more days because there was just so much good stuff.

    The positive vibes were heavy, even through me from my laptop. My only regret is i was not there. Just to experience the length, breadth and depth of thinking firsthand. Just to be around people who are as passionate about youth fitness as i am.

    Job well done IYCA.

  14. Whitney Andress says:


    I was so glad that I attended the Summit. I thought the whole 2 day program was not only informative, but also motivational. I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years. I have owned my own company for a little less than 2 years. I have a lot to learn about running a business and I felt that you, Pat and Nick were willing to listen to my questions and gave me great advice. I am passionate about training people and love to help them meet their fitness goals and with IYCA in my corner my company will be more successful. IYCA is a blessing to our fast growing industry.
    I also thought the Sunday workshop with Lee Taft was great. I stayed as long as possible before catching my plane and was glad I did. He is an outstanding speed trainer and a great person to teach other trainers how to do it correct and effectively.
    Looking forward to next year’s summit.

  15. Cindy Johnson says:

    Wanted to say thank you for an awesome Summit. Fitness people in general don’t sit very well but you captured my attention and enlightened me so that I could have sat for a few more days and kept listening. We were overwhelmed with great information and just like after most conferences, need to separate what we can implement now and what we need to save for later. Speakers were awesome. I appreciate how the delivery from the speakers made me feel a part of the session instead of being spoken to/at. I have attended many conferences and always came away with many notes but nothing tangible I can use. I have listened in the past to well-known speakers in the fitness industry but never felt like they really cared about the people sitting in front of them. You are different and that is why I am very proud to be a part of this association.

    The practical sessions were a great added feature this year as well as the early Saturday morning workout with BJ and Dave.

    Can’t wait for next year! You make it clear – we truly are in this together.

    Thank You

  16. SoCal Brian says:

    Hey B,
    Unfortunately I didn’t attend the summit but, I did catch most of it online! I will sum up what I did see the best way I know how, passionate!, professional! and very very informative!!! I have yet to see a more professional and caring fitness related organization out there. I have over 20 years in this industry and I am constantly looking at the IYCA for cutting edge information and technologies, and I am constantly finding it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to staying in contact with you for a long time.

  17. Colin Fannon says:

    i thought the summit was by far the most benifical experience I have had as a fitness professional in my short career. I am only 23 and It was hard for me to make the decision to come, but I left feeling that it was well worth it. All the speakers from Brian to Lee to Dave Gleason and BJ Gaddour were so personal, forthright and encouraging. I left the summit satisfied and with a wealth of new knowledge and ideas. I look forward to coming back next and and being able to afford it by appling just a few of the ideas Brian and Pat talk about in order to generate interest and income.

    Lastly one of the best parts was riding in the same airport shuttle as Jack Davey. Man that guy is awesome.

  18. george maoury says:

    Hey Brian, thought the seminar was put together very well. The presenters were great. In my opinion, having the presenters around to answer questions was a great idea. I have been to many seminars in the past, and lots of times the presenter starts to talk, a member in the audience asks a question about something he/she did with a client, and the next thing you know the presenter’s time is up and he hadn’t even discuss have of what he wanted to cover. I feel having the presenters go through what they want to talk about, and then either offer time for Q&A or just having them hang around and be available to us is a much better way to go. Great Job. George

  19. Nicolas Roy says:

    The seminar was held in a very nice place. The presenters were great. The summit was a great balance between: training philosophy ideas, business ideas, leadership ideas, practical content, terrific opportunities and great attendees!

  20. Carmen Sturniolo says:

    I got there late due to Snowpocalypse 2010 here in DC, but I did get there. And to be honest, it’s never fun to show up to a family reunion late. Thanks BG & co. -Carmen

  21. Rick says:

    I couldn’t go, but the Ustream idea was great. I was able to watch a lot of presentations and I think it was awesome. I’ll make sure I can go for the 2011 Summit.

    Thanks for providing us the opportunity to see it

  22. Tim Rudd says:

    I was at the first summit and it was amazing, and the summit this year was a step up as I know each that follows will be. The content was real world and immediatley useful, the speakers were great, they spoke with passion and left nothing back, the passion part is important it speaks volunes to their success. You, pat, nick, kawme and the rest of your staff were positive outgoing and yes you actually care, you made me feel important as well as everyone else. Your presentation on mindset and working backwards from your goals was worth the price of admission itself, usually I go to 3 day seminars i’m ready to leave, but I have to admit I wanted more… I rarley ever take the opportunity to ask the speakers questions onje on one, but I did and man have I been missing out. Thanks for surrounding yourself with such great people, oh and the last day with Lee Taft, unbelivable I can’t wait for the Level 2 Speed Cert I’ll be there ready for more… In some way each speaker at this event has played an integral part in my success now and will in the future, either directly or indirectly, so I thank all of them for being teachers and also being mentors, that goes for you to Brian…Thank God you chose to go against the Grain!

  23. Richard Holmes says:

    Listened to almost all the speakers on stream. It was rich, flavour-packed and just a constant buzz. Felt like a gatecrasher to be honest! I didn’t have a ticket, wasn’t really supposed to be there and nobody knew i was there so it was quite surreal. Considering how badly i wanted to be there the question did cross my mind “is this really happening?”

    Liked the natural flow of the summit, from speakers talking about working with young kids to high school to college. Then how to manage a business and make money etc. Really insightful, passionate people made it easy to get into. Made loads of notes. Would have liked the videos on ustream for a few more days because there was just so much good stuff.

    The positive vibes were heavy, even through my laptop. My only regret is i was not there. Just to experience the length, breadth and depth of thinking firsthand. Just to be around people who are as passionate about youth fitness as i am.

    Job well done IYCA.

  24. Chuck says:

    Your U-stream video of the summit meeting was terrific and thought it was genuine teaching from your speakers. They all spoke with the desire of making it as easy as possible for everyone to understand ,not to confuse you more. Developing a better athletic culture (a culture I hold dear) for my kids and community is most important to me. Although I’m a football coach and administrator, the big picture is very clear. Getting kids and parents to understand that athletics has a profound impact on their health and their lives. Especially if those around teach it well.


    I am sooo at any future summits.


    P.S very impressed again.

  25. It was another great experience for me. Got to meet new members and re-connecting with old ones. The Thursday A to Z business seminar was “GOLDEN”. I learned so much just from that day that I could have packed up and left the conference satisfied…lol! Lastly, I really enjoyed the hands-on sessions, they should be included again in the future.

    Vito Di Cosola
    Montreal, Qc
    Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

  26. Scott G. Smith says:

    I could not attend due to a previous engagement. But I appreciate that it was saved on Ustream! I locked myself in my office and caught up on everything. It was good to “get to know” each of the presenters, their styles and their personalities on a more personal level. (even though virtually).
    I only ask that when you make the DVD’s for sale that you include as a bonus the Powerpoint presentations. That was the only thins that I missed being able to see while they were speaking. However… since i almost felt bad about getting to see such an incredible conference while attending at home, it was OK that I didn’t get EVERYTHING that the physical attendees received.

    You did however achieve one very important goal… Next time, I AM THERE! Don’t want to mis the atmosphere and fellowship with the other members twice.

    Thanks again to everyone for their tireless efforts.

    Changing the Future,

    Coach Scott aka “Captain Fitness”

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