My Top 4 Reasons For Attending the 2010 IYCA International Summit

IYCA International Summit

1) Earn Valuable CEU’s:


Just for coming to the 2-day main event, you will receive a full 12 CEU
credits from the IYCA.


That’s enough to renew whatever level certification you’re on with us.


In addition to that, we are in the process of becoming accredited through
NSCA, NASM, ISSA and more.


A world-class education PLUS critical continuing education credits that
you can apply to multiple fitness organizations.


I can’t think of a better ‘bang for your buck’ than that!!


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2) Your Future in the Fitness Industry:


According to the ACSM, the Top 10 fitness trends for 2010 include two
specific demographics that the IYCA International Summit is being based


(A) Children & Obesity


(B) Sport-Specific Training


In a crowded marketplace, it is absolutely imperative that you carve out
specific niches that allow you to become the most attractive option for
the consumers in your demographic.


That, coupled with the fact that children, obesity and sports performance
training continue to rise as identified demographics of note, means that
any Trainer who DOESN’T serve within these fields will be on the outside
looking in.


This is a career-defining decision, my friend.


Having said that, at the IYCA International Summit…


:: BJ Gaddour with show you his secrets to running successful Kid Camps


:: Carlo Alvarez will give you all you need to make your high school athletes
the best in your area


:: Dr. Kwame Brown will demonstrate exactly how to create effective fitness
programs for youths who are overweight and have no interest in exercise


And that, is just the start…


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3) The Business of Fitness:


Becoming a better Trainer is, of course, a necessity.


But how does that translate into creating a successful, profitable and
STABLE career?


This industry has high attrition rates.


Professionals come in and move out just as quickly.




Nick Berry has developed several highly successful fitness company’s and
knows exactly what your limitations are to earning more money.


Pat Rigsby is the marketing master in this industry and has a track record
to prove it.


Pat Beith earns more in one month than you do IN TWO YEARS from his
on-line know-how.


Think these guys may be able to teach you something about how to build
and create a successful career?


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4) The Reaction from Last Year’s Attendees:


Would a ‘standard’ fitness conference that WASN’T WORTH YOUR
TIME cause people to say stuff like this –


"Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Let me know when registration is ready
for 2010. I hope to be the first to sign up, first one at the event, and last one
to leave"

– Carmen Sturniolo


"Incredible event. The energy, the enthusiasm, the presentations were all
top notch. Best event I’ve been to in 10+ years. Classy organization. I even
cried a few times! Several more of our staff will be there next year.
Thanks IYCA!"

– Brian Calkins


"The Summit was amazing and words are inadequate. You all did a fantastic
job putting it all together as well as injecting warmth and humanity to such a
stellar organization. I’m with Carmen -2010, here I come!"

– Liz Donnelly


"If you were not at the Summit you missed out on a truly inspirational event. The
IYCA wants to make a difference(and is doing just that)and cares bout the future
of it’s members. I want to send my warmest regards to the entire IYCA staff. You
welcomed all of us and made us feel like an integral part of your family"

– Phil Loomis


"One word that describes the IYCA Summit to me “Unbelievable!” The speakers
were great, the members were great, and the inspiration that I received was the
best I’ve seen in a long time…BAR NONE! But the best part of the entire summit
was that I felt like I was a big part of this organization from the second that Brian
came up to me before the summit even started on Thursday in the lounge and
introduced himself and thanked me for being there. WOW! Enough said"

– Kevin O’Brien


"The IYCA Summit was a Life-charging and life-changing experience"

– Melissa Roberts


"The summit was awesome and inspiring! Speakers were just fantastic and
a truly great room full of people. It doesn’t matter where the next event is –
you should be there!!"

– Steve Cork


We know how to make sure the time, money and energy you spend coming
to Louisville is something that is more than worth your while.


Watch this brief video clip from our 2009 Summit to see a very small glimpse
of what the attendees saw and experienced –



My Top 4 reasons that all amount to sound, practical and non-hyped factors
for why you attending the 2010 Summit is a MUST.


–> Learn More About the IYCA Summit & Reserve Your Seat Today!



– Brian


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  1. Debbie Schwarm says:

    I would LOVE to come to the IYCA Summit because I am a parent who cannot find an avenue to gain any traction on promoting proper coaching in our area. I have approached coaches and subsequently left clubs, attempted to get the Positive Coaching Alliance involved in a club whose president now avoids me and any correspondance at all costs, and approached the state and national youth soccer associations about proper training for kids who refuse to openly address the issue. I have prepared a complaint for small claims court to obtain $1200 in club fees when we left a club who supported a coach who had my then 11-year-old running a mile until he fell over and vomited having never run for training purposes in his life (and found out that he shouldn’t be at this age). We found a small starter club with excellent coaches who finally acquiesced to the pressures of the authoritative organizations who were obviously in a political battle with this group who did not “play their game.” I even have my family wondering why I have to cause so much trouble. Why? Because no one is going to be allowed to ruin my son’s love for soccer OR his physical well being 1 more time! I have read and researched hundreds and hundreds of articles as well as read Brian’s daily emails. I’m FURIOUS about this!!

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