Coaching Young Athletes And My Own Mistakes


Coaching Young Athletes Based on yesterday’s post, let me say this… 

 (1) Linear acceleration.


(2) Olympic Lift Technique.


Those were my two greatest deficits as a Coach.


I just didn’t understand Linear Acceleration mechanically, they way I wanted to.


Until I met Lee Taft.


What he taught me about Plyo-Steps and mechanical force production changed everything about my ability to coach Speed.


Same holds true for Olympic Lift Technique.


I loved using ‘Oly Lifts’ when coaching young athletes.


I adored the power gains I saw and the raw strength that was being gained.


But until I met Wil Fleming, I really didn’t understand:


(1) Proper Application of Technique


(2) Subtle Technique Management


(3) Progressions & Regressions


(4) Programming


(5) Advanced Movements


The years I’ve spent asking questions and watching Will coach have been some of the most worthwhile in my life.


And if I can admit to having weaknesses, why shouldn’t you?


You’ll find out the reasons I’m bringing this all up tomorrow…



– Brian

Coaching Young Athletes 

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