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"The IYCA is unmatched as it pertains to the curriculum and practical application of its information. Since obtaining my Youth Fitness Specialists certification I have encountered several opportunities to stand as the expert of youth fitness in my area. The highlight was running a speed and agility camp with over 250 athletes from one of the top 2 soccer clubs in Texas. With my education from the IYCA, I’m confident that I’m, without a doubt, the most qualified youth coach in my area… hands down"


That was from my great friend and IYCA Family Member, Donovan Owens.


"Brian, our organization is a fantastic one. I say "our" because you and you supporting cast have made me feel like an important part of it since day one. That is not an easy thing to feel when you go to your first seminar as green as May grass! In a short year and a half I am viewed as an expert and respected as leading authority in my community as a youth conditioning specialist all because of the IYCA. The leadership I have witnessed and the education I have been empowered by are worth their weight in gold. I truly love when someone asks me where I got my education. I say " The IYCA" with
stout pride. I cannot convey what it means to me."


That, from the incredible Dale Speckman.


The IYCA is and means more. Much more.


With us, you don’t ‘belong to an organization’…


…You’re ‘part of the Family’.


In every way.


So here’s what I need you to do:


If you are already part of the IYCA Family, tell me what the IYCA means to you. What has made us ‘different’ in your eyes:


And if you’re not part of the IYCA already, just see what your colleagues in the industry have to say. You’re going to be surprised: https://iyca.org/fitspecialist1


Have a great weekend!


– Brian



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  1. Robert Nelson says:

    Greetings Brian,
    My name is Robert Nelson and I am a IYCA Family Member. I am currently preparing to take the Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1 exam with great expectation. In my community here on the west side of Phoenix Arizona there is a far greater need then parents, coaches, and youth realize. Everyone who is involved in working with youth athletes and non-athletes, is looking for that one thing is “THE REAL DEAL”. No one really knows who to turn to for the right guidance and beneficial direction. Yes Brian, Donovan, and the rest of the IYCA Family, we will stand out as the go to professionals of youth fitness in our communities. Truly, I am excited to not only being part of the IYCA Family, but also being part of the “Message” that my family wants to send into our future – our youth!

  2. justin mitchell says:


  3. Michael Mroczek says:

    I have been an IYCA family member for many years and have just recently earned my Level 3. Before the IYCA, I had all the right intentions of having an impact on youth fitness and athletic development, but I was floundering. The IYCA gave me the direction and the tools, but more importantly, it gave me a sense of purpose. It gave me the principles of youth development and gave me the confidence and freedom to develop my programs using those principles and not to follow a “cookie-cutter” approach of ready-made prescribed programs. The IYCA is more than a certifying body…it truly relishes in the success of its members. The IYCA has always been there for me, answering the call for input for everything from press releases to camps to education. I’ve always said the IYCA is not a program but a belief system…it develops your belief in youth development, and it develops your belief in yourself.

    Michael Mroczek, YFS III
    Michael Mroczek Youth Fitness

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