Medicine Balls: Increase Speed and Agility for Athletes

Are Medicine Balls A Good Tool for Training
Speed and Agility For Athletes

Check out the video below to learn what medicine balls drills we use to help develop speed and agility for athletes in our training programs.


Click the image below to find out how much your athletes could
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  1. Raymond CHASTEL says:

    You can achieve the same result by not throwing the medicine ball ,but simply swinging it from side to side

  2. Jose Chacon says:

    I have a question about the cross over step, won’t it be more biomechanically loigcal to use a directional step vs the x-over? I understand you are teaching force production and reactive forces with the wall/ball, but if you took out the drill and broke it down. Would it be quicker and more powerful to simply use a directional step into the new direction? Since you are still driving off the rear foot, front foot repositions into a direction??
    Just a thought, I like the ball rolling drill will be great for bball or soccer players staying low during acceleration phase.
    Jose Chacon

  3. Bobby F. says:

    Jose C.,
    the cross-over step is the same as any three step cut…example: DB running with a receiver & the ball is under thrown, the DB will take a cross-over,then take the plant step & finally the DB will take a directional step towards the point of emphasis. The same steps would be taken for any sport (football/basketball/soccer/baseball,lacrosse etc.) where one is playing man-to-man or moving to an object & then changing directions.
    If one took a directional step instead of the cross-over the it would take 4 steps to change direction. Of course the third & forth step of each movement wold be with the cross-over leg. At least that is what i got from the cross-over drill. Thanks Wil !
    Bobby F.

  4. Thanks Wil. Can’t wait to implement these into my program.

  5. Anthony says:

    Thanks Will keep it coming. I will add this to my arsenal.

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