Youth Sports Training-Making Memories

Youth sports training creates long lasting memories.

 The autumn is a really special time for me.


It reminds me of when I was a kid, walking through the
fallen leaves on my way to school.


Saturday afternoon college football.


Saturday night hockey (I grew up in Canada, don’t forget!).


But one of the things I like most about this time of year
is the high school sports scene.


Football in particular.


Friday night underneath the lights.


A soon-to-be-winter chill in the air.


Sipping on some cider or hot chocolate.


Being around the excitement and spirit of high school
kids as they cheer on their schools’ team.


I can’t tell you how many memories I have from so many
Friday nights.


Big wins.


Emotional losses.


Encouraging the athletes I coached to do and be their best.


There really is nothing like it.


And I say that coming from a place of real perspective,


I’ve done a lot with my life.


I have been blessed beyond what I think is normal or
even reasonable.


My own athletic career has been glorious.


I remember winning district championships in football
like it was yesterday.


Running the anchor leg of the 4 x 100 relay as a high
school student in front of 16,000 fans because the
state finals were held on the same night as the World
Indoor Track and Field Championships.


Beating four opponents in the same day to capture the
mid-western heavyweight ju-jitsu championship.


But my blessings aren’t restricted to my sporting life.


My career has been a journey of endless blessings.


Traveling to New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and
throughout North America as a speaker.


Visiting Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic as a
Coach for both the Canadian and United States national
synchronized skating teams. 

Youth Sports Training, Coaching and mentoring more than 15,000 young athletes –
and I swear that I remember every single one of them.


It’s enough to make me emotional.


What life has granted me has been astounding.


And one of the newest things that I feel just so
appreciative of is how my work has inspired and changed
so many professionals.


The world has gotten much smaller since the internet has
become our mode of choice for disseminating and finding


Coaches and Trainers worldwide can now share information
and learn techniques and tactics from people literally
anywhere on the planet.


And as much as those Coaches who purchase information
get fulfilled, so to do the professionals who produce
the information.


Myself included.


Creating Complete Athlete Development was a labor of love.


I put everything I had into it.


And I mean everything.


Sharing information in the pursuit of elevating the
knowledge of Trainers and Coaches worldwide is
something I take very seriously.


It has never been a ‘money grab’ for me.


And I think that makes me rather unique, to be honest.


My goal is to change lives.


Enhance knowledge.


Improve the world with sports being my conduit.


But in all honesty, I never really
imagined I would be this successful at it.


I received an email from a Coach late last week that I
wanted to share with you.


A simple email.


Just saying thanks.


But it effective me in a big way.


Here’s what Football Coach Steve Van Ert wrote to me –


“… After 3 weeks of competition, we are 3-0 with no
football related injuries!! Neither of these situations
have occurred in our schools 70+ year history”


Just another testimonial you think?


I didn’t see it that way.


70+ football seasons, and what that school, the coaches
and those kids are experiencing right now has never
happened before.


Think about the ‘buzz’ that must be going on in that
high school right now.


How excited the students, coaches and athletes must be.


I am more than proud than in some way, my Complete
Athlete Development system is partly responsible for
that ‘buzz’.


Not one kid is hurt.


They are an undefeated team.


And I can only imagine how alive and vibrant that
school is right now.


This autumn, those kids are making memories.


The same kind of memories I have and shared with you


And that’s what life is all about.

  Youth Sports Training , I am so incredibly proud to
say, can make a dramatic difference in the sporting life
of kids and their coaches.


And with a full 365-day money back guarantee, it’s one
of those things that you are at no risk for trying.


I wish Coach Van Ert great success this year.


And I wish you great success as well.


I know Complete Athlete Development can help give you
that success.
youth sports training

Give it a try risk-free and see if you can’t create the
same kind of ‘buzz’ with your teams and athletes this


Here’s your exclusive link –




Memories are a wonderful thing.


Let’s make some together.




‘Till next time,


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