Long Term Success with Young Athletes


Young Athletes: What are the key elements for laying the foundation of long-term success? 




Learn All The Specifics About Long-Term Programming & Success For Young Athletes


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– Brian


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  1. Hi David,

    I agree with you on all your methods

    As I have created a program for children from 5-12 year old that I use called Boot Camp 4 Kids, I first assess their frame of mind or mind set,as you are aware not all children are the same shape, height, flexibility, and all have different motor skills.

    Boot Camp 4 Kids works very well and we get results over a period of 7 weeks the last 3 weeks of the program really shows the difference on the children the ones that were slow and had low self esteem, show a 45% progress in all factes such as Biomechanics improvement, self-esteem, and loss of weight. Their performance in the simplest of excise excites them when they can join the rest of the team and participate.
    Good luck hope to talk soon
    Dominic Bianco

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