IYCA Passion: Losing Is Your Only Safe Bet



IYCA Criticism is something I’ve just come to accept as part of my job.


It’s far easier to throw a brick at a house than it is to build one yourself.


And thus far since creating and launching the IYCA, I’ve seen firsthand how
that statement is true.


From world-class, big name industry icons to local youth sports Coaches, I
have taken my share of lumps over the past few years.


People criticize.


They publicly demean.


They get personal and attack my character.


It used to bother me some, I’ll admit.


Doesn’t phase me an ounce anymore.


Quite frankly, I sort of like it (is that odd???).


When you’re doing something of worth, it draws attention from all kinds of people.


Some are fans, some think you’re an idiot.


But you soon come to realize that the bad is going to come with the good.


The reason I’m bringing this up is because a good friend of mine recently forwarded
me an article about this very topic.


One particular sentence caught my attention –



"95% of the mediocre majority is very disapproving of the 5% group of high
achievers… The reality is that your surest path to peer/societal approval is driving
timidly and losing. To win a race, you must risk a move that, when it works, makes
you look like a wizard, but when it doesn’t, makes you look like a goof, has you
getting in others’ way, annoying people…"



Losing is your only SAFE bet.


The fact that people take shots at me shows I’m annoying them some with
my passion towards the IYCA.


The fact they get personal about it shows that I’m REALLY annoying them!!


So, take the safe and "approved" road if you want.


I guarantee that your career and life won’t be nearly as fulfilling.


And you certainly won’t create near the change in youth fitness and sports
training that you could.


Or, you could take that risk.


Make that move.


Rock the boat.


Do it all and truly create the revolution that is necessary for children worldwide.


Track history…


No positive revolutionary of any stripe was spared the occasional tongue-lashing
of the disapproving.


It comes with the territory.


So embrace it.


If any of my IYCA detractors think for a second that their off-handed remarks are going
to derail me from positively influencing the world of youth fitness and sports training,
they are completely and entirely confusing me with someone who would succumb
to negativity.


Press on.


The fight is worth it…


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  1. Kim says:

    Don’t know who said this first but I know that it’s true…

    “If you’re not pissing one person off every day, you probably aren’t doing your job.”

    Get off the fence and stand up for what you believe in.

    Remember that this isn’t about you – it’s about the kids.

    Thanks again Brian for paving the road for the rest of us.

    ~ Kim

  2. David says:

    Thanks Brian for the reminder. And it’s oh so true. What I do is probably not for every old school hard ass sport parent/coach who wants to push their kids till they puke, but I’m not going to change what I believe in to accommodate these types of parents. I will do my best to help enlighten and educate them but at the end of the day, I do what I do for the kids and I’m not willing to jump the fence because some parent or coach doesn’t approve. As Kim said, thanks for paving the path. It makes what we do a whole easier.

  3. Dan Knight says:

    I agree…I believe….and I am willing to fight the fight for our youth.

    I battle on a daily basis with our local school coaches and physical education “experts”. Some days it seems that all my words and efforts are falling into a bottomless pit. But then there are those times when one of them shows just the slightest bit of awareness of what the possibilities are that gives me the strength to continue to press forward.
    More importantly, it is when I witness, first hand, through my work with the kids, that this is truly the right path to take.
    Thank you so much for all you do and have done. We will win this fight, eventually, and our youth, not us, will be the better for it.


  4. Hollister Struck says:

    Brian, you are correct. We are judged by the courage we have, that others may not. Thanks for keeping us on our toes as we strive to make youth conditioning a safer, more beneficial experience.

  5. Melissa says:

    I don’t know why people choose to turn evil on people that have the balls to live life on their own terms in lieu of going with the “status quo” out of fear.

  6. ERIC says:

    totally agree with what you are saying, another quote that i often make to my players & coaches & Parents is ” if I am not making mistakes i’am probaly not trying hard enough”, To many so called coaches don’t actually coach, they are also scared of their youth players turning out or ending up knowing more than they do. Carry on the good work

  7. Brian Grasso says:

    Great comments, all! To Melissa… Agreed 100%, and I think I can answer your query…. JEALOUSY and ENVY. Two of the darkest human emotions, but also two of the most powerful. I’ll be blunt, one of my greatest detractors (who is a very well known industry icon and got quite personl in his ‘attacks’ against me), raged against the IYCA a few years back. Now, he’s recently started his own IYCA-like organization. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  8. Matty Holmes says:

    I love it and oh so true as we have had many of conversations about. I am seeing it even more now from opening my own facility. But when someone comes at me with a comment and says “your doing great, dont give up, I am really proud of you, you deserve it” and so many others. When you hear that it STOMPS on any negative remarks people have. And it is true no great feats have been accomplished by taking the easy safe road. You rock man keep it up!!

  9. Brian, you’re right on…again. The only way to make positive changes is to take that risk most others wouldn’t and don’t allow the trash talking to get in the way of what you believe in. Have a great weekend.

  10. Michael Wolfe says:

    That needed to be said! Like Hollister said you “are judged by the courage you take”. You got the right mind frame by brushing off the senseless drama. The jealousy and envy is gonna leave the haters miserable and unproductive. Thank you for laying the foundation and standing firm on the new revolution in youth fitness.

  11. Good on you Brian!
    These are very inspiring and motivating comments. I’m constantly goofing up but like fine wine, learning, growing and getting better with age!

  12. Chris Collett says:

    “Haters” are a undeniable part of success in life. If you do not have any, chances are you aren’t doing anything worthwhile.

  13. Tim Graf says:


    Get use to it! I’ve been a speed coach since 1988 and it has never changed. Your correct about the jealousy and envy. Having been a successfull track sprinter and speed coach the 95% have lined up to take shots at me like they do you. My favorite thing is the people who critisize me are the first to take my program and become speed coaches themselves! brian, keep up the great work.
    Tim Graf, Graf Speed Enhancement

  14. SoCal Brian says:

    This is just another example of people that are too lazy and not willing or even capable of helping others. We do need to be compassionate to their ignorance though. I’ve often said; “if you think you can do a better job step up and show me how it’s done!” We can all rest assure that we are doing something necessary and we should never let anyone try to slow us down and we should never second guess our intentions. These comments usually comes from pure and simple envy and jealousy like already mentioned.

  15. Brian,

    If we wanted to “play it safe” we wouldn’t be members of IYCA. Obviously, the status quo is NOT

  16. (remainder)

    what we are looking for.

    Keep marching!

  17. Will Paulding says:

    Very inspiring Brian! Just what I needed… Thanks!

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