IYCA Specialist: Is Your OB-GYN Also A Dentist?




IYCA is about creating specialists

There are a lot of reasons someone may feel proud of themselves.


But I’m not going to bother listing them all right now.


I want to cut right to the chase.


I did it.


You did it.


We did it together.


We’re making ‘them’ stand up and take notice.


We’re forcing them to respond to us and what we have to say.


We didn’t ask for their input, but we forced them into taking action.


The fitness world is about to embark on something very interesting.


The ‘youth fitness’ craze is about to take over and organizations are
going to start having a ‘mission statement’ and ‘solutions’ approach
to the matter.




It’s about time.


,h3>But there’s two things you have to remember about the IYCA –


1) Youth is our ONLY concern. We’re not a buffet. We don’t offer all
things to all people. You wouldn’t go to the OB-GYN if they also
happened to be a Dentist. Specializing means you know that topics
better than anybody else and can provide the correct kind of information
to actually get things done.


2) We’re you-centered and Member-driven. Family first. We care about
your successes and achievements more than anyone else. If you don’t
feel that, odds are you’re not paying attention.


Case in point….


On Thursday May 7, I will be in Providence Rhode Island delivering a Level 1
seminar. Pat and Nick will be with me.


No ‘velvet rope’.


No ‘push past the crowd’.


If you’re in the area, you better stop by.


Let’s chat.


Let’s talk about the concerns you have and see if Nick, Pat and myself
can’t help you find solutions.


That kind of personal touch will NEVER evaporate from the IYCA.


They’re starting to take notice.


Mission is NOT accomplished.


But you’ve done a GREAT job so far!


If you’re proud of the IYCA and proud to be part of our worldwide family,
tell me why.


Tell EVERYONE why below.



Proud to be part of this with you,





3 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    Good Morning Brian, I have not completed my course yet but I am very impressed with the information. I coach girls high school volleyball and cannot wait to implement this knowledge. Keep up the good work. I look foward to my continuing education. Thank you Jerry

  2. Liz Donnelly says:

    In speaking with a few “recovered” athletes as of late, I am ever more inspired by the IYCA philosophy of teaching kids movement based on their bodies’ abilities. Movement is fun. Movement/exercise/activity should be complimentary to a child’s development.
    I met just minutes ago with a local radio station sales rep, who took gymnastics for 15 years. 15 years! In high school She was on 3 Vicodins daily for pain because her body was trained too hard. She’s in her early twenties now and questions what was the purpose of all that intense training and competition. With a misaligned pelvis, arthritis and back pain she certainly questions the way she was trained and was in total agreement with IYCA’s principles as I explained them to her. We need to reach these kids before they become “recovering athletes”. I am proud of IYCA because it has saved many kids from this suffering and will continue to do so on a much greater scale.

  3. Chris Blake says:

    Hey Brian,
    I will try to make my way out to Providence to see you again (and finally meet Nick and Pat!!!). Have a good week and take care.

    Chris Blake

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