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Is the IYCA doing what you need?

Every single day of every single week, I receive emails from all over the world.

And it’s the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

I mean, I was raised in Toronto, Canada by a little redheaded Irish Mom with a big temper (who I love dearly) and a crusty Italian Dad with the best "don’t screw with me" stare you have ever seen (who I rank as one of the greatest human beings on the planet).

I had two older brothers who took turns beating me up, and a dog named Tiger (named affectionately after me – my nickname when I was very young was Tiger apparently due to some kind of rambunctious energy I possessed… a fact I summarily deny by the way).

My point is that I was raised by common folks and in a common way.

I never had any sort of inkling when I was young, that I would grow up to become someone that every single parent, coach and trainer in the youth sports world would know and come to trust.

But that is exactly what has happened.

And my "inbox" counter is proof of that fact.

Every single morning, there are no fewer than 50 – 200 emails waiting for me.

50 – 200 emails multiplied by 365 days…

… You do the math!

More often than not, the emails are a simple message of ‘thanks’ from grateful Moms, Dads, coaches and trainers, all of whom want to send their regards for the information I offered them in my last week’s newsletter.

Other times, the emails are long and excited rambles from folks who just purchased one of our training products and are beside themselves at how much they learned about how to make their young athletes faster, stronger or better overall athletes.

In both cases, I get tickled pink!

I say all that because my strongest desire is to see that all young athletes are trained and cared for in the best way possible – so that they can both maximize their performance and remain safe and healthy in the process.

And that’s why I sit at my computer every morning and blush.

Because so many people, all over the world, decide to take the time to tell me exactly what my information has meant to them.

If you are one of the people who have written me a message of thanks, let me take this opportunity to reciprocate by thanking you for doing so.

It meant the world to me.

If you haven’t yet emailed me your thoughts, maybe you wouldn’t mind doing so now.

I want to make sure that all the information we provide you is actually working to making your life easier.

So tell me what you think.

Good or bad.

Are we giving you what you need, or do you need something else?

I want to know… and I want you to tell me.

Scroll down and let me know….


Is the IYCA doing what you need?

12 Responses

  1. Brad Taliancich says:

    The IYCA is by far the most useful orginazation I have belonged to in my 15+ years of being in the sports and fitness industry. The genuine interest and caring from Brian and the rest of the members is something I have not experienced before.

  2. BJ Gaddour says:

    Brian Grasso and the IYCA is the real deal

    They are all about family and community, and frankly they put every other certification body out there to shame.. no doubt about it!

    crank it!


  3. Anthony says:

    Hey Brian,

    Since joining the IYCA this past fall, it has been an eye opening learning experience for me and the best thing I have done since becoming a “personal trainer” 5 years ago. My goal is to become a better coach and person to the people I work with, and the IYCA has given me the tools to learn. I now am more aware of what’s going on in the industry, especially when it comes to youth athletics. I’m doing fitness classes for young teens who play tennis and I’m trying to change the process of how they focus their fitness classes for the kids. I just purchased your complete athletic development, and have started to listen to all of the audio interviews and dive into the info. It’s awesome! You guys are exceptional, and I look forward to reaching the next levels in the IYCA and seeing you again in the future.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi Brian
    I think what you are doing is Awesome and the IYCA is so needed in this industry.
    As soon as my financial situation allows I will be doing the certification.
    Keep up the awesome job!

  5. Rob says:

    Brian joining the IYCA is one of the best decision I have ever made and its opened doors for me in the area of youth fitness. Thanks for blazing this trail and God Bless!!

  6. Nate Turner says:

    I recently started my own youth sports performance business, and am enjoying the materials I purchased from the IYCA last month. I look forward to getting through the rest of it becoming Level I certified soon.

    I have trained athletes, old and young, for a number of years. I spent the past two years in one of the national franchise networks as a Director of Training.

    The IYCA looks legit to me. Keep up the good work – our industry is on the way up, and it’s important for us to evolve and do the best we can for our kids as we grow.

  7. Donovan "DFitnessguy" Owens says:

    I’ve had several trainers contact me because they saw my testimonials on the IYCA website and they asked me this, “I’m thinking about going with the IYCA, do you still stand behind them as a company?”

    My answer is a resounding “YES” everytime followed by, “Don’t think about it, do it and do it now!”

    The IYCA cares. The IYCA has passion. The IYCA believes. The IYCA is community and family. The IYCA stands head and shoulders above the others. The IYCA is real!

    Brian, you and your staff are doing a great job. Like I told you awhile back, the personal touch that you all bring to the industry and the members of the IYCA is unmatched.

    Keep up the great work!

    Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

  8. Brian,
    I met you in person for the first time at Ryan’s boot camp last fall. You moved me. You are THE REAL THING. That is why I am choosing to be a big part of the IYCA in any way that I can be. We are very much aligned in how we choose to give our energies. I am honored to be a part of this with you and am blessed to learn from someone like you. Thank you for giving your heart and your passion to all of us. I will give the same back in return.
    Jen Croneberger

  9. Kevin O'Brien says:

    When I first looked into the IYCA, I thought it was just another typical certification that wanted your money. Once I heard Brian speak…I was floored. I couldn’t believe the passion this man had. But being in the fitness industry for so many years, I still wasn’t 100% convinced that this was “THE CERTIFICATION” to be involved with UNTIL I went to this years Summit in Kentucky. All I can say is “Wow”, I was blown away! I couldn’t believe the way Brian and the rest of team treated me. It was like I was part of their family. And then when I thanked Brian for letting me be part of this wonderful organization and telling him I want to be a huge part of the IYCA…he replied “You’re already a big part of the IYCA my friend.” I’m now 110% convinced that this is the organization to be a part of. Do yourself a huge favor and join our family today. You won’t regret it! Thank you Brian and the rest of the staff for doing such a great job bringing this organization to the top.

  10. Aloys says:

    Dear Brian,

    Your mails had convinced me, I believe that you and your Staff continue to make a great job. Certainly the IYCA community grown up, I wish to pay then to receive my certification level 1. I now that your courses helped me to develop my knowledge, and to became a better coach, the goal is to improve my footboll and swimming trainings for to help our youth for their fitness, athletic and physical activities.
    But until now i have a big problem, my credit card doesn’t function it refused to transfer money to IYCA account, but I ‘ll ask my Bank, if they can arrange the problem.
    Maybe they ‘ll help me to pay for my IYCA certification.
    Despite my present economic situation.

    My best regards,

  11. Liz Donnelly says:

    The IYCA is home. I hope ya’ll have a spare room, b/c I need a place to spread out and some grub to cook. Yeehaw!

    In all seriousness, the IYCA exudes a focus to helping the young masses (and their parents) with an indescribable and alluring zeal. It has helped me to reset my business strategies and acquire an important set of skills that I can take to the families around me. My excitement is boundless as I consider the possibilities before me and friendships that the IYCA has made possible.


  12. Mr. Anang says:

    Mr. Brian, thanks a lot for giving me, many e-mail and informations that useful for me.
    I need many information, picture/photo, video about sport, anything related physical fitness. They are very useful for improving my knowledge, so I can teach my student will be better than tommorow. But I am sorry Mr.Brian, my English is very poor and bad.
    Thanks sir.

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