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by Wil Fleming – www.beforcefit.com


It is the week of Thanksgiving and I wanted to share with you why I am thankful for the IYCA.


Certainly I am thankful for the knowledge I gain from attending live events and the continuing education certification courses but that only touches the surface.  The IYCA gives away, literally gives away, so much valuable information. All of it for free.   The IYCA treats its members like family.  I am thankful for being a part of an organization that wants me to be able to do what I love better than any other professional around.


As members of the IYCA we are all passionate about the training of our youth.  Some are passionate about reducing the prevalence of obesity in our youth, others want to help athletes succeed to their highest levels.  Wherever you fall on this spectrum there is one thing that will determine your success.


Your ability to reach as many young people as possible. 


If your passion lies in training young athletes and helping them succeed there is no better way to reach tons of athletes than to go straight to the source.  We all want to be able to train them at the high school.  Trying to do this is often met with a lot of resistance from the high school coaches and athletic director, but Brian gives us all a blueprint to allow us to get into high schools.


I would go into exactly how I went about contacting the schools, developing relationships, providing free services and information, all the way until each school approached me about training their athletes, but I don’t have to.  Brian gave an interview to Pat Rigsby awhile back and he gave out the audio for free! He provided an actual blueprint to getting access to 100’s of athletes.  For me it has gotten me nearly 500 athletes and counting.


So I told Brian Grasso and he said that he would offer up this amazing interview, that has let me reach so many athletes, as a little Thanksgiving gift.


I hope you take advantage of it like I have.


Please have a great and safe Thanksgiving, and if you wouldn’t mind tell me what the IYCA has done for which you are thankful. 


– Wil Fleming


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  1. Steve M says:


    That is great to hear! Pat & Brian really go above and beyond to help us to succeed. Do you any other tips you could share making this happen with our local schools? Is your school/booster club paying the bill for your services or does the parents still pay? How did you work out the details?


    Continued success


  2. Wil Fleming says:


    I readily made myself available to the coaches for questions and concerns always offered my help free of charge and attended a lot of sporting events. Some of the athletes that were excelling at the school already chose to train at my facility so the coaches and athletic director were familiar with what we do.

    When it finally came down to it, the school approached me about training all the athletes. They have had a budget surplus the last couple years and decided that it was in the athletic departments best interest to invest it in their athletes success as opposed to physical goods.

    We ultimately had to go through the school board to make it happen and that has been a longer process then I would like.

    In other instances, individual booster clubs have been willing to pay for our services. So in that sense it is on a case by case basis.

  3. Steve M says:


    Thanks for the response. Sounds like a great situation. If your facility large enough to accomadate the school’s athlete or do you do it off-site (i.e. school)? I wonder if this is similar to how the Velocity Sport chains provide strength coaches to local high schools but are Velocity employees?
    I always wanted to know how they worked out those deals.


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