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** If you’ve already registered to attend the IYCA International Summit in
February than I need you to leave a comment on this blog. Read below
to find out why **



Of course I’m going to the IYCA International Summit in February.


But let me tell you something…


… Even if I wasn’t the Founder of this organization, I’d STILL be going.


And here’s why:


Reason #1


Two words: Pat Rigsby.


This guy is for real.


At the beginning of the year, Pat came on board as a partner in the IYCA.


And this company hasn’t been the same ever since.


Prior to knowing Pat, I enjoyed an extremely successful career.


By anyone’s standards.


:: 2 published books

:: 50+ published articles

:: 20+ international speaking engagements

:: 10,000+ trained young athletes

:: Curriculum Director – Men’s Health Fit Schools

:: Appeared in Newsweek, the New York Times and ABC News


I was and continue to be, considered the best Youth Fitness Specialist in
the world.


But in just 8 months, here’s what Pat’s direction has done for the IYCA –


:: Our Membership has increased by more than 600%

:: Our gross revenue has increased by more than 300%

:: We have added three new levels to the IYCA certification process

:: We have established www.IYCAMembers.com

:: We have written and released the Youth Obesity Solution program


Now, in addition to these ‘tangible’ items, Pat has also single-handedly
created a new and fully integrated management system into our company
that has lead to an unbelievable increase in the efficiency and productivity
of our organization.


His impact on this company is almost entirely beyond words.


I have had tremendous success.


Lots of it.


And if Pat Rigsby managed to do all this for me, just imagine what kind
of impact he’s capable of having on your business.



Reason # 2


I’ll keep this one brief, but hope that the message resonates with you
in a very big way.


It’s nearly impossible to leave a legacy by yourself.


It’s virtually unheard of to make a real, lasting change in the world
on your own.


But never doubt that a GROUP of dedicated people can alter the
course of history forever.




Because that’s all that ever has.


The IYCA is not like other fitness organization.


We are an international family of passionate professionals dedicated to the
task of reforming the youth fitness and sport training industry.


Being part of something so majestic has been the single greatest experience
of my life.


And I absolutely promise and guarantee that when I step on stage in
February at the International Summit, I will be moved to tears.


To see the faces of the people who have opted to become part of
my extended family and co-agents for change will be an overwhelmingly
emotional experience.


Why would you want to miss that?


Why would you ever consider not becoming a key member and critical
cog in the most important fitness-related movement this industry has
ever seen?


We all want to leave a legacy.


We all want to be part of something special.


We all want to be an important member of a world transforming movement.


And this is your chance.


Are you already registered to attend my International Summit?


If so, I need to hear from you. (If not, click here)


Leave a comment on this blog and tell me EXACTLY why you opted
to come.


I want to thank you for being part of this IYCA event.


And I really need to know why you decided to join us in February.


Leave your comment below….



14 Responses

  1. Brian Robinson says:

    Reconnect with friends in the youth fitness industry, as well as learn a few new things.

  2. Max Hoyt says:

    I’m coming in as an IYCA-YFS level 1, but I am coming because I want to add a youth fitness component to my business.
    I understand the far reaching implications of a nation that has poisoned it’s young for so long. It’s time to change it and where better to learn and re-affirm your beliefs than with others who share the same passion?

  3. Dean Carlson says:

    Really too many reasons to list, but here are a few that come to mind off the top of my head:

    To be the best, you’ve got to spend time WITH the best. The opportunity to sharpen my mind and skills face to face is an invaluable opportunity. You only get better at what you do by hanging with people who are already where you want to be, and have achieved what you are working toward. No matter how much you know, someone always knows more.

    Another thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to meet Brian, Pat, Nick, Dr. Brown, Melissa, and others who are spearheading this effort. There are a lot of keyboard warriors out there, but you have to respect those who will come out from behind the computer screen and put it on the line. That’s huge – and it doesn’t always happen.

    It would be quicker to think of reasons NOT to go. When you want it bad enough, you can make it happen. Frankly the conference price is amazingly cheap – not that I’m complaining!

    Booked the hotel room this morning – can’t wait!


  4. Ryan says:

    I’ve been involved with athlete development for many years at the Olympic, D1, and high school levels. I feel confident that our systems are grounded and true. The weakest part of our business is growth/direction process. I’m coming to meet those who have the larger scale business offering down pat. Business is growing faster than my current growth stratigies and I need to be schooled by the best.

  5. Scott Agee says:

    Why? I was an educator for 14 years who saw many flaws in our educational system; it only took a year to see that forcing kids to do things they hated (P.E.) was not going to work-you are helping me to see how to make movement fun. I could also see that not offering movement opportunities was a no win situation. I knew that I needed a place of my own. I have a place of my own now and I am coming for the blueprint!
    I will see yoy in February!!

  6. Steve says:

    I’m all about learning new ways to put out the best product possible. I know I’ll find tons of ways to streamline some processes and have the best ever clinics this summer. After spending the year with Pat and Nick online last year, it will be great to meet them!

  7. Todd says:

    I just know I need to be there. I need to meet all these people who I am reading about. I need to be there live and in person to witness this.

    I also want to learn as much as I can about the Youth Fitness movement andn take this back with me to Canada. Kids here are getting more and more out of shape and it saddens me.

    To go to Kentucky, where I have never been, and to network with IYCA members will be just an amazing experience.

    I look forward to seeing you all there.

  8. Chris Olmstead says:

    I am coming because very soon I will be taking a big plunge. Giving up my position in a commercial club as a trainer who had taken a long time to develop a reputation as an excellent trainer to head up a Youth Athletic Development Program in my home-town.

    I will be jumping into a situtation where I have no idea what I will be making monetarily, and need lots of help with the, well, all aspects of this new venture so I can develop a reputationa s being the best at in a different aspect of the training world.

  9. David Jack says:


    I can not wait for this summit…I am certain that it will produce new relationships and action that will add value to my life and business.

    See you all there!

  10. Matt Holmes says:

    I am working hard to make it out. I could not miss it. To see all you guys speak together and meet other like minded professionals. If you want to be successful its a must to attend things like this.

    -Matt Holmes

  11. Erik Brown says:

    I am going to be apart of THE BIGGEST YOUTH FITNESS REVOLUTION EVER! For 3 years now the IYCA has helped me grow as a trainer and as a person. Would not miss this for anything!

  12. Len Haggerty says:

    To be the best, you must work with the best! The IYCA has developed the most comprehensive youth programs, it covers it all. Can’t wait to learn more.

  13. Kevin O'Brien says:

    I want to be a huge part of the IYCA. The IYCA is going to be an incredible organization that’s going to make a difference in a BIG way in many young peoples lives, and in many of our lives! I also want to learn from the best in order to be one of the best. Can’t wait. See you there.

  14. Alena says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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