IYCA Summit Videos on Facebook

As promised in yesterday’s video message, I wanted to give you
the link so that you can see the IYCA Fan Page on FaceBook


Click Here to go to the IYCA Fan Page on FaceBook


Oh… And BE SURE to become a Fan!!


Read what attendees had to say.


Look at the photos.


And without question, watch the three short videos we’ve had posted.


It will give you a brief glimpse at how truly special this event was.


If you were there live, be sure to watch the videos anyways.


I enjoy nothing but the fondest of memories every time I take a short
break in my day to watch them.


Never forget how truly special our time was together and how
important you are as a Family Member to our international
cause and movement.


Here’s that link one more time –


Click Here to go to the IYCA Fan Page on FaceBook




‘Till next time,




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  1. Monty says:


    I wasn’t able to make the Summit but just seeing you take the stage on video and deliver the message made me feel bullet proof! Thanks for inspiring!!!


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