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So here’s where I chime in.


Want the truth from my perspective?


Blunt and to the point as usual….



Injury prevention and youth performance training is the same thing.



When working with young athletes in a well-designed developmental
process, the goal is simply skill acquisition and advancement.


Done correctly, injury prevention and performance gains take care of


Now, this is in stark contrast to much of the industry who pontificate
about specific "6-Week Injury Prevention Programs" or "8-Week Off-Season
Speed Training Programs"


A well-designed developmental system of training involves little more than
teaching skill, progressing the skill and then subsequently applying it
to specific patterns or sports when required.


Biomotor gains (i.e. speed, strength, flexibility increases) occur naturally
as a bi-product of such a system.


So to does injury prevention.


When technique and force application is taught correctly and in a progressive
manner, efficiency of movement, systemic strength and range of motion increases
happen naturally.


When young athletes move better, are stronger head to toe and have full, complete
ranges of motion through joints, they are naturally less likely to incur injury.


It really is just that simple.


But do you know how to construct a fully developmental and progressive
training system?


Do you understand fully what sorts of training stimulus are necessary at certain
ages in order to maximize athletic performance?


Maybe it’s time to look very seriously at my Complete Athlete Development


More than 10,000 young athletes worldwide, Coaches, Trainers and Parents
haven’t been wrong.


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  1. Craig Galloway says:

    I think it is worth saying that most of us out there who “pontificate” about short term programs are doing so more from a marketing perspective than from a pure developmental one. We all get your posts and so probably receive many others. Within the solid messages you provide, you also work in your marketing messaging in a very calculated way – employing all the techniques and tactics to try and optimize response, conversions, etc. You believe in what you are selling, so why wouldn’t you. Personally, I feel the same way about what I sell. If I need to see someone on an 8 week speed program to get them in the door and because that is what they want to hear – well then I am just doing what I am being taught by your partners and business associates. Once I have them, I am trying to over-deliver and turn them into fans who will want to engage in my annual programs. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. But without marketing my short term programs, I guarantee I wouldn’t have half the audience I have to educate and develop and progress in a longer term system.

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