Becoming Indispensable to Young Athletes: Part 1


It’s important for me to hear what you have to say about this topic on young athletes… 

Read this short (but hopefully powerful) ‘Part 1’ and then chime in to let me know what you think…


Young Athletes


Today, I’m going to ask you a couple of short and (hopefully) thought provoking questions.


But concise shouldn’t be mistaken for unimportant.


Brevity is not a cloak for trivial.


And… The development of a Fitness Professional should not be restricted to just learning about or discussing the merits of sets, reps, exercise selection and functionality.


Becoming an agent for real change as a ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’ involves much more than merely understanding the basics of anatomy, programming or communication.


It is in understanding the fundamental differences between being




EX-PEND-A-BLE (adjective) – Not necessary or worth keeping


IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLE (adjective) – Absolutely necessary or essential


As a ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’, are you absolutely necessary within the structure of your clients lives?


Specifically, could you be replaced?


If you were to be replaced, would the development of your young customers change?


For the better?


The worse?


Do you hustle, every day, to be the very best at what you do?


Becoming indispensable in the life of your Young Athletes is both in your hands and most certainly a choice.


The incredible duality of this topic is that the only Fitness Professionals I’ve ever known who “can’t seem to find a break”, “aren’t paid what they’re worth”, “wish they had more clients and better stability” or “don’t feel appreciated by their
community” have completely decided to make themselves expendable…


… ‘Part 2’ coming tomorrow.


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– Brian



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