Increase Your Productivity & Avoid Business Mistakes

People interested in making an impact are busy.  It’s important that we increase productivity so we can get a lot done in a limited amount of time.  I’m often asked how I’m able to maintain a high level of productivity, but I wish that I could accomplish even more each day.  I truly believe that productive people always feel that way.  Many of the most productive people I know constantly talk about how they wish they had more hours in the day.  They are always interested in getting more done.

Because I’ll never get more hours in the day, I’ve figured out how to maximize my time by using some very simple, yet effective, strategies.  In the first half of this episode, I talk about some of the strategies I’ve learned to apply in my career.

The second half of Ep. 33 includes a familiar guest – Ryan Ketchum – to offer up his thoughts on what he considers the most common business mistakes.  You probably know Ryan as a very efficient businessman, and he always presents ideas in a way that allows you to apply the knowledge.  In this segment, he identifies the most common mistakes he sees in business and teaches you how to avoid them.

If you’d like to increase productivity and avoid business mistakes, you’ll love this episode of The Impact Show – the official podcast of the IYCA.


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