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OK, so emails have been pouring in and rather than returning them one at a time, I figured it would be easier to just answer the main questions I’ve been getting through a quick email…


About the ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business System‘:


1) Is the ‘A – Z’ System right for me?


Well, I guess that depends.


Here’s who Pat and I created the System for:


a) Fitness Professionals who were great at what they did, but lack the time, energy and know-how to turn their valuable skills into a profitable business.


b) Fitness Professionals who were doing well financially, but wanted more information so that they could go from ‘doing well’ to creating a sustainable and profitable career that included financial security forever.


Are you either of those, ?


If yes, then click here right now —> https://iyca.org/az/



2) Why only $97 for 6+ hours of video footage and so much information?


Frankly, because this industry needs to keep the people who are passionate about what they do.


Fitness Professionals have a very high value in our society.


Overweight issues, sports-related injuries, striving for athletic success…


Over $100 billion are spent annually on ‘fitness’ in the United States alone, and yet thousands of Fitness Pros worldwide live on the brink of financial disaster.


We wanted to create a high-value system that taught the step-by-step process of how Pat and I went from where you are right now to complete and utter security in our finances and careers.


And we knew that most Fitness Pros simply couldn’t afford something that was too expensive. That’s why we kept the price so low.


Invest in yourself and earn the freedom you’ve always wanted


—-> https://iyca.org/az/



3) What will I learn in your ‘A – Z’ System?


Let me summarize it like this:


– How to market for dirt-cheap (nothing) and still gain clients by the day


– How to get 500+ people in an audience and ‘wow’ them within 20 minutes


– How to create a referral system that brings you revenue while you sleep


– How to get on TV or in the newspaper virtually whenever you want


– How to build a CAREER and not a time-for-money J-O-B


– How to create financial security and STOP living pay-check-to-pay-check


This is the stuff that EVERY Fitness Pro needs


—-> https://iyca.org/az/



4) Is this some type of business gimmick?


Well, here’s a quick re-cap of my story…


From 1998 – 2005, I worked 11+ hours a day as a Coach.


Loved it.


Every second of it.


But it was EXHAUSTING!!


And you know what else?


I had NO financial stability or wiggle-room for time off.


My days were jammed and if I opted to take a day off, I lost tons of cash.


A week off was out of the question.


When I started applying the information that you’ll find in the ‘A – Z’ System, everything changed:


– I’ve been featured in Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, Men’s Health (etc)


– My profits grew dramatically, but more importantly so did my financial SECURITY


– I really don’t work in a given day if I don’t want to (any idea how good that feels??)


– I actually have been able to help MORE young athletes than ever before


– I’ve been a guest expert throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand…


Life was fine back then.


Life is EXCELLENT now!


Enjoy the freedoms Pat and I have —-> https://iyca.org/az/


That’s it!!


Remember, the ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System will be available for $97 until Friday…


… After that, we’re going to charge you what it’s REALLY worth….

Save Big Time by Clicking Here —-> https://iyca.org/az/



– Brian


P.S. – And OF COURSE, The ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business System’ has a full 60-day, no questions asked, no hassle, money back guarantee.


Try it out quickly now while you can still lock in our low initial price.


You have nothing to lose —-> https://iyca.org/az/

IYCA A-Z Youth Fitness Business System

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