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Youth Training Q&A

The response I received from the Youth Fitness Specialist certification release was absolutely overwhelming.

And it’s really not just a matter of ‘how many’ people got on board with the IYCA, it’s ‘how excited’ they were to become part of my international mission.

Fitness and Sport Training professionals from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Far East all clamored to become part of my ‘First 500’.

I even did a radio show interview yesterday afternoon in which the host said to me off-air “I can really tell that the IYCA is ‘what’s happening’ right now in the fitness industry”.

How right he was!!

Having said all that, I received a number of great questions yesterday from professionals worldwide.

Folks seem to want a bit more information about the IYCA, our mission and the whole concept of training adults versus kids

I decided to answer the four most common questions I received in an email to you so that you could have the answers for yourself.

Here they are…


Q – If I have no background in training kids, will the IYCA be a good place to start?

A – 100% YES! We have taken a lot of time and placed a lot of care in creating our educational system so that it works for both brand new Trainers as well as seasoned veterans.

The ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification is the first step in a 4-step process of advanced and progressive education.

The Level 1 course material is taught by myself and Dr. Kwame Brown and covers the following topics:

:: Motor Skill Development (birth through adolescents)

:: Program Design for clients and athletes 6 – 18 years

:: Group Training – programming, coaching and implementation

:: Coaching Science – how to communicate and teach any child

:: Practical Application – what exercises are best per age group

Although advanced in theory and practice, the material is taught in an extraordinarily fun, upbeat and stimulating manner so as to appeal to all degrees of Fitness Professionals.

Here’s what Fitness Pro Donovan Owens has to say about our course material –

“The content contained in the IYCA course materials provides the most technical, practical and applicable education that I have EVER experienced with any other program”

I think that says it all!

Check out my ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification now by clicking on the link below –

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Q – I am already certified through another organization, why would I want to become certified for youth training through the IYCA?

A – Great question!

Here’s the reality…

… No other certification in existence today prepares you to work with young athletes and youth fitness participants the way we do.

We do not offer education or certifications in ‘elite athlete training’, ‘older adult fitness’ or ‘nutrition and weight

YOUTH is all we do… it’s what we know and where our passion is.

Would you go to a Chiropractor if you needed heart surgery?

Would you go to the Dentist for an annual physical?

If you want the best, want to be the best and want be prepared for the largest market surge this industry has ever seen, you simply MUST be educated and credentialed by the organization that has already been recognized as the ‘Gold Standard’ for youths.

Check out what former Men’s Health Fitness Editor Scott Quill has to say about the IYCA and our ‘Gold Standard’ reputation –

“The IYCA’s advice is smart and practical and their programs are developed with a real passion for helping coaches and kids succeed. The IYCA is changing the way we train our youth”

Check out my ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ certification now by clicking on the link below –

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Q – Why would I want to train kids instead of adults?

A – Easy… Because that’s where the market is going.

Recognizing market trends is an essential part of building and growing a strong and prosperous career.

If you jump on board a moving train too late, bad things happen!

The youth demographic has surged into one of the largest and most opportunity-rich niches in the entire Fitness and Sport Training industry.

It has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest growing markets in the world and received attention from mainstream media as well.

That’s why I’ve appeared in notable publications like Newsweek and the New York Times and why the IYCA is being endorsed by large media outlets including ESPN.

Have a look at what ESPN writer Tom Farrey has to say on the matter –

“Brian Grasso is a voice of reason and a beacon of hope for anyone who wants kids to develop fitness patterns for life, and for athletes to achieve their full potential”

The youth market is by far and away the industry’s ‘next big thing’ and by not learning how to work with kids properly, you are cutting yourself out of a market that grosses into the BILLIONS of revenue each year.

Check out my ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification now by clicking on the link below –

‘First 500’ – Become a Youth Fitness Specialist


Q – I would love to work with kids, but keep hearing about how regimented training is bad for children. Is this true?

A – This is one of the silliest ‘myths’ on the planet today.

Is the regimented aspect of school bad for kids?

You could argue that kids should be left on their own and experience education through an informal way that best suits their needs.

And you’d be wrong if you argued that!

Working with kids in a fitness setting is positively essential.

The days when kids used to just go out and play on their own are all but gone.

And the widespread incidence of youth obesity is proof of that.

Fitness for kids is not just ‘fitness’…


It involves teaching aspects of movement, force production and absorption, social interaction and cooperation.

It is a science unto itself and must be infused into the lives of young children if they have any hope of succeeding in sports or growing up into healthy and functionally fit adults.

The IYCA motto on this issue is simple –


M = Movement must dominate

O = Open yourself up to communication variances

L = Learning styles change per child

D = Develop… Don’t train

These four key steps are at the core of what we teach you in our ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification.

Here’s what Kelli Calebrese, international fitness authority and Editor-in-Chief of Personal Fitness Professional magazine, says –

“I know so many Trainers who want to work with kids but don’t really know how. Brian and the IYCA have a formula that works and takes away all the guesswork for those professionals who aspire to change the health and improve the performance of today’s youth”


Those are the most common questions I received yesterday.

I hope I’ve clarified some things for you.

If you want to check out what the IYCA offers and jump on board with our international mission, just click on the link below –

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‘Til next time,



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