10,000 Youth Training Programs


Youth Training Programs

“Templates” became my haven for creating quality youth training programs.


They saved me literally hours of time in preparation.


They were perfectly based on my overall training system.


They were custom built for progressions and regressions.


They were ideal for use in small or large group settings.


And with about two hours of preparation, I could create one sheet that added up to more than 10,000 individual training programs.




It’s all based on compartmentalizing and categorization.


I created a video to show you exactly how I did it and how you can as well.


This will be one of the most worthwhile 5 minutes you could ever spend on Youth Training Programs



See My Complete ‘Training Template’ System in Action —> http://completeathletedevelopment.com/


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  1. jeff hill says:

    Once again solid gold my friend! Love the template idea…. Prior planning prevents poor performance. Great stuff. jeff

  2. You are the Man Brian!!!

  3. Kamal Afzal says:


    It seems to be a good idea, one can does that intuitively, but having a glossary of exercises under specific training segments will do extremely well for training teams and groups. You can even make a template that requires specific equipment, and one that requires free weights to cut off waiting time, or split the template in half so it becomes like a superset! I still haven’t passed the second half of the IYCA exam, will do it soon.

    God Bless


  4. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I use the same method in my training, because I too found myself aftter work working on several workout plans for all my different clients so i had to think of a way to easy the load. It does work for me. I also have created a list of all my exercise according to muscles be worked for an example i have a list of all the exercise that work the back, chest, bicep, and so on. Great stuff


  5. Hans Hageman says:

    This will be very helpful in my role as a volunteer strength coach at a large NYC high school. I’ve also gotten a lot of value from “Complete Athlete Development.”

  6. Daniel says:


    Thats cool. I worked for a kids fitness franchise that did a variation of that because we also taught sport skills. To be honest, thats what I also expected to get when purchasing ‘Kids Fit Camp’ to begin my own business…and, they didn’t have that concept yet unfortunately. Keep up the great work.


  7. SoCal Brian says:

    The great thing about the IYCA is that they are extremely concerned about developing better athlete’s but first and foremost, developing competent and qualified coaches/trainers!

  8. Eru says:

    Good stuff,i’ve been doing similar types of system planning for a couple of years,but,lacked the depth of specific exercises for certain body weakness areas,but,my association with IYCA,and others connected with you,means it’s not a problem anymore,Thanks:)

  9. King Hoover says:


    Leonardo Da Vinci would have been proud to know you as a colleague. You constantly take the same approach to “here is what needs to be done” and create amazing- yet simple answers to resolve great challenges and meet vital needs.

    In his hands, pencil, paper and a Question produced profound, ground-breaking technology- and now we have watched how you do the same for effiecient and effective Youth Athletic Conditioning. Thank you again for pulling back the cover for those of us who are less ‘Renaissance’ men, but are still passionalte about having a Revolutionary impact on the youth and families around us.

    Thank you for so regularly affirming this ‘sea change’ of the fitness industry and how to navigate it successfully. Youth Fitness isn’t just ‘the future of the fitness business’, it is literally our future. Without you and your incredible staff, we would be ill-equipped to meet its demands, tossed back and forth by waves of one-off ‘products’ and ‘programs’.

    Allow me to speak for the many professionals in the industry whose lives and careers you have transformed by charting this ‘sure and certain course’ to the New World for us and those we serve. Thank you.


    King Hoover

  10. Robert A. Albano says:

    Brian I have paid for the youth fitness trainning course and after I was flooded in Ocean City New Jersey I lost my interest to continue my coaching education and I just coach using all that I read from your newsletter IYCA site. My question I have managed to salvage my books ang disks but my two test exams are ruined. Can i get 2 new exams to get certification from IYCA?
    Robert A. Albano

  11. Brian Grasso says:

    Robert – Contact melissa_brady@iycasupport.com she will take care of you…. Be well.

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