I Got Beat Up Yesterday…

I had my rear-end handed to me yesterday.




If you don’t already know this, I’ve been involved in
various forms of martial arts and combat sports since I
was a kid.


After retiring from active competition a few years back
I recently got the itch to fight again.


So at 34 years old, I opted to do something I’ve never
done before…


… Compete in a Golden Gloves boxing tournament.


Now I’ve trained in boxing off and on for a while, but
never seriously.


It was always an adjunct training system for me, but
nothing I focused on.


So with the Chicago Golden Gloves tournament looming in
April of 2009, I thought it best to get started with my
training right away.


I hired a great boxing coach named Aaron and started
the long process of getting myself fight ready a couple
of weeks back.


Now I’m in really good shape and eat very clean throughout
the year anyways, so the transition to ‘serious training’
hasn’t been that big a change for me.


But yesterday I got a taste of what the next 6 months
are going to look like…


… I sparred live with Aaron.


And he kicked my butt – BIG TIME!


If you’ve competed in any sport at all, you know that a
significant amount of time away from that sport can
cause havoc.


Your timing is off.


Your skills are in the toilet.


Your ‘game’ fitness is questionable.


And all of those things were exposed yesterday.


I got beat up.


Plain and simple.


Aaron’s jab connected virtually every time he threw it.


His left hook to the body (which felt a lot like a
sledge hammer) bruised my ribs.


His right hook to the chin hurt… each and every time it
landed (which was pretty much every time he threw it!).


But believe it or not, I’m in good spirits.


I don’t really feel that bad today and my body has
responded pretty well.


Aaron said something to me after our training session
that interested me though.


"You are in great shape, Brian.  Most guys, after
taking a licking like that, would be downright exhausted
afterwards – and you look completely fine"


Truth be told, I didn’t feel fine.


I’m a but of a perfectionist and didn’t like anything
about my performance in the ring.


But after thinking it through, I realized Aaron’s comment
made a lot of sense.


I feel strong and powerful.


My mobility and flexibility is quite good.


My speed and movement is absolutely outstanding.


And my overall conditioning is top-notch.


At 34 years old, I realized that I am in tremendous shape
and ready to take on another training session today.


I intend to fight hard at the Golden Gloves next year.


And I’m training to win.


Now I may not have the greatest boxing skills in the world
by next April, but my conditioning, strength, speed and
power are going to be HUGE advantages over my opponents.


And yes…


… I have a training secret.


The best system I know for developing high quality athletes.


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