How to Make a Difference

Aaron Byrd owns one of the most successful soccer training businesses in the country.  As a former college and professional soccer players, Aaron clearly has the skills necessary to help improve a soccer player’s abilities, but it’s not the soccer training that makes the biggest difference in people’s lives – it’s the lessons he teaches through his training programs.

Aaron started his business by helping two kids of a friend who wanted to get better at soccer.  Two turned into four, four turned into eight, and before he knew it, Byrd had over 100 kids enrolled in camps and training programs.  Since then, his business has expanded exponentially and he has hired a staff of coaches that implement his programs in multiple locations throughout southeast Michigan.

As his business grew, Aaron realized what an impact he was making on young athletes.  That realization made him take that role more seriously, and it has become a huge part of his business and life.

As a father of two children, Byrd understands how important it is for young people to have positive influences in their lives, and he takes every opportunity possible to teach life lessons that will make his students not only better soccer players, but better people.

In this episode of The Impact Show, Aaron shares real-life examples of how he makes an impact through his business, and he talks about his journey as both a coach and business-owner.  You can learn more about Aaron Byrd and his Next Level Training soccer programs at http://www.next-leveltraining.com/ or follow him on Instagram at NLTsoccer

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