How to Become a Leader in Athlete Development




Athlete Development Leaders

Leadership is something that gets spoken about quite a bit in the
fitness, athlete development and sport training world.


But what is a leader?


What are leadership qualities?


I found it interesting when thinking about the tone and content of
this article to realize that we often completely misunderstand the
word as well as its meaning.


We always think of ‘leadership’ as the ACT of being in charge of
a group and perhaps becoming their mentor.


But upon reflection, I had an awakening.


True leadership isn’t simply about ACTING as a leader or mentor.


It’s the essence of being ABLE to.


Do you have the ABILITY to lead?



So in building out that concept and putting some thought to what
message I wanted to encompass in this letter, I decided to
explain my thoughts on what abilities are necessary in order for you
to become a qualified leader.


And believe it or not, I came to just one characteristic.


In preparing to write this, I opted to review many of the email
testimonials I’ve received over the years as well as the letters of
recommendation I’ve had written for and about me.


And I quickly noticed a common theme.


This one characteristic can be considered a solitary aspect in terms
of you being ABLE to provide leadership to a group of kids or young
athletes in your local community.




Virtually every email and every letter I reviewed discussed my passion
for youth fitness and athlete development.


The passion I showed to change the world.


The passion I demonstrated in learning as much as I could about
pediatric exercise development and coaching.


The passion I have for the IYCA and its Members.




People recognize passion and will move mountains to follow those
who display it.


So where’s your passion?


Do you have it for athlete development?


Does it exude from you?


Do you display it daily to your clients, athletes and community?


Passion is what defines a leader.


Do you know what they say about a leader with no passion?


They’re just out for a walk by themselves, because ain’t no one


Something to think about.



‘Till next time,





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