How is 2009 Really Going to Look?

To be blunt and to the point, 2009 is going to look exactly like you want it to.


The smash hit movie ‘The Secret’ brought into mainstream culture the notion
that what we think about consistently is what we’re going to get.


And while many people worldwide embraced both the movie and the message,
the concept is far from new, innovative or groundbreaking.


My Dad is the most optimistic and happy man on the planet.


Always upbeat, constantly singing and eternally grateful for the smallest things
in his life.


He taught me from as far back as I can remember that success in life is nothing
more than an attitude.


Work hard, yes.


Sacrifice, fine.


But more than anything else…. Be Happy.


Positive emotions like happiness, joy, love and gratitude are the basis from which
your success will come.


It really isn’t about working harder.


Or dedicating more time to task completion.


It’s about ‘knowing’ what you want, where you’re going and believing that it’s
100% possible.


It’s about keeping all of that in your head on a daily basis while you go through
your days with sheer joy and optimism.


My 2009 is going to be splendid.


Best year of my life…. I can tell you that for certain already.


What’s your 2009 going to look like?


Type it out so that it becomes real to you and something the world can see.


Then attack it with enthusiasm and an optimistic vigor.


2009 is going to look exactly like you want it to, my friend…


Tell me how you want the next 12 months to unfold –


I wish you a successful, joyous and prosperous New Year!







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  1. Jack says:

    Happy New Year’s Eve Greetings Brian,

    I just wanted to say that your email reflects my feelings as well.

    “Don’t Worry…Be Happy” is a song by singer Bobbie McPherrin. It sums up what you’re saying. Thus,by having my goals constantly in the forefront of my mind, maintaining a positive emotional and mental attitude in all things and remaining true to my faith, that if I can conceive it and believe it…I can achieve it.

    I have a faith that 2009 will be a “very good” year.

    Keep your head to the sky and your eyes on the prize.

  2. Anne says:

    Hey Brian-
    Thanks for being a great business and fitness leader. I agree that life in general is what you make it. Even when struggles come, a positive attitude with strong belief goes a long way to overcome obstacles.

    For the first time in all my years of goal setting, I have true confidence that I will get there but not because I drive hard and run over people to do it, but because I SERVE others with what I do. Helping others achieve their goals and dreams allows me to do the same. My goals used to be based on ” I Shoulds….” but as I tell people often, “Be careful not to SHOULD all over yourself” Do it because it fits with YOUR goals, not what you perceive others want you to do.

    I hope everyone have a fabulous 2009!

  3. Donovan Owens says:

    2009 is going to be awesome, here’s a few details:

    I’m going to more than double my income…

    I’m going to have 3 staff hired…

    I’m going to maintain 80 women in my boot camp slots at all times…

    60 of those women will be training 3 days a week the other 20 two days a week…

    Going to run my first successful speed camp this summer for middle schoolers heading to high school (16-20 will attend)…

    Going to have half of all debt paid…

    Going to help my wife attain her adult dream body (can’t give details yet, you’ll probably hear about it)…

    I will make everyday as impactful as it can be so when I lay my head at night I won’t question if there was more that I could have done…

    I’ll accomplish all this and more by simply helping people get to where they want to go.

    Thanks BG! Let’s kick the door in on 2009!



    I agree brian with your notes and that of our collegues.For me family and health remain my priority.If we have the happiness within and health then the only thing that stops us from achieving our goal will be ourselves.Many thanks for all your help and that of all the IYCA family.Lets look forward to 2009 with great passion and drive.

  5. SoCal Brian says:

    I’m here to tell you that 2009 is gonna be mine! . . . . . and yours and everyone else’s that wants to make a major mark in this world. I think this is the year that you’ll start to hear that the statistics on childhood obesity are changing for the better.
    Like anything it starts with a rumble, then a shake, then comes the big old quake! Let’s continue to tell the world someone cares about the health of our nations, better yet, the worlds youth! Way to get this whole thing going B!!!

  6. Mike says:

    First and foremost I would to wish the IYCA staff and mebership a healthy,happy and wealthy new year.
    2009 and is the year of FAMILY for me.
    F- family spend more time with nieces and nephews
    A- Arteries – get them unclogged
    M- Mastery – Self (personal challenge)
    I- Intellect – work smarter
    L- Love – pour passion into everything I do
    Y- Why not!

    Live in Health – Wealth – Abundance!


  7. Michael Romano says:


    first of all i wanted to let you know that meeting you at ryan lee’s bootcamp was awesome for me… i’m sure it was nothing for you, but for me, especially after your keynote speech, wow… sawubona my friend…

    you have helped change my business over the last several years, your thoughtful and RESPONSIBLE info is the best available…

    2009 will present it’s challenges for sure, but i have already begun the process of change that i feel will help me come out the other side of this BETTER THAN EVER !!!

    like you say brian, the birds of worry may be flying over my head, but i will make sure they will not nest !!!

    thank you
    happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all !!!

  8. Ihkam I.M says:

    Hallo Brian,
    Happy new year,
    Iam alwayes beyng a very optimuist and I believe that there is nothing in life that a persone can not.If any put his goals infromt of him and begint to fullfil it he can achieve what he want, no matter how much obstecels are in his way or time. You see always I stand up for my goals and try to achieve it with all my efforts until I get it. I like what you say very much. Thank you,
    Best regards,

  9. Karin Kupp says:

    Hi Brian!!
    Thanks for the super New Year’s Greeting!! I am heading into 2009 with a huge load of “desires” for my new business and am looking forward to the Summit next month to get more knowledge and motivation to “go for it!” ….I do have to believe it to achieve it and am excited to catch that vision of what my next step should be….goals thus far:
    -continue running successful outdoor boot camps
    -begin youth fitness camps this summer
    -market my business to schools and coaches in community
    -improve my time management so I can balance time better between family and business!!
    That’s a start—see you next month!!! =) Karin

  10. That’s very true in that you get what you want when it becomes an obsession for you – Of course, while being happy and positive along the way –

    Thanks for the well wishes Brian – and Happy New Year!!!

  11. Bernadette says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I endeavor to set my face like a flint to do and accomplish what I believe God has purposed me to do this year. To name a few…complete my Bachelor’s in Sports and Health Management by the end of July. Learn even more about working with children in the area of health and fitness. My desire is to take my P.E. program at my son’s school to a greater and more fun level for the children. Finally, I’, determined to lose my last stubborn 10-15 pounds and redefine this body in preparation for my Mediterranean cruise in July. With faith all things are possible.

  12. Barbara Day says:

    Happy new Year everyone,

    I am soo greatful that 2008 has been such a great year. I am looking forward to 2009 with excitement. By constantly focusing on my goals and doing what I love with passion I have been able to manifest a lifelong dream. I will be going from a rented studio to opening a full service Wellness Center w/ fitness studio, chiropractor, massage therapists and nutritionist. Hold fast to your dreams, dont let anyone stop you and dont listen to news that the economy is bad. You can do anything.

  13. BrianGrasso says:

    I love every single one of your comments. In life you truly get what you want. Pursue your goals with great desire and let nothing stop you. I wish you all the best for 2009!! BG

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