High School Strength Certification


IYCA High School Strength Certification


High School Strength Certification will be released tomorrow.

And today, I wanted to hit you with a few key points for your consideration…


Barrington High School

Timothy Christian

Prairie Ridge


3 of the numerous high schools I either worked at or consulted for from 2001 – 2009.


Without question the most fulfilling time of my career.


In those 8 years and with those 6,000+ high school athletes, I experienced more in the way of learning than at any other point in my 15 years inside this industry.


I learned that the situation (for multiple reasons) was never going to be ideal and that a practical system was necessary to optimally train these teenagers.


I learned that Strength Coaches at the High School level are counselors, role models and advocates as much as they are ‘Trainers’.


I learned that virtually all High School athletes present with the same few physical and movement-based dysfunctions – and how to fix them.


I learned that how much a High School athlete was lifting mattered very little in terms of their on-field ability – but certainly is a massive concern from an injury perspective.


More than anything, I learned the exact system necessary for working with High


School athletes and guaranteeing improvements in their performance:


Strength Training Technique, Functionality and Programming

Speed and Agility Mechanics or Sport Specificity

Mobility: Isolate and Integrate

Coaching the High School Athlete

Administration for the High School Strength Coach

Sample Programming for football, baseball, and basketball


And with the High School Strength Certification, you won’t be hearing just from me…


Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

Wil Fleming

Dr. Toby Brooks

Pat Rigsby


The biggest names and most successful Coaches within the world of High School Strength & Conditioning.

Be ready for my email tomorrow.


This is the very best resource I have ever seen in this industry



– Brian



P.S. – Listen to what each of the authors has to say about Mobility, Strength & Speed Training for High School Athletes by enjoying this free 60-minute audio:


Just click here —> https://iyca.org/highschool/




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