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High School CertificationAs I teased in yesterday’s email, the incredible Eric Cressey was a contributing chapter author for the brand new ‘High School Strength & Conditioning Certification’.


Here is a brief excerpt from his chapter on Mobility:



“Before attempting to outline the IYCA philosophy regarding mobility training, it is helpful to first discuss the prevailing thought with respect to the construct. Specifically, common assumptions among sport coaches and those in the health and human performance fields may be contrary to the tenets of contemporary science and instead reflective of antiquated and/or poorly substantiated and outdated notions.


First, many sporting coaches ascribe to the “show and go” approach. In other words, such coaches utilize a sport-specific warm-up exclusively and believe such an approach is the best course of action. For example, baseball players start playing catch then progress to some base running, sprinting, fielding, and batting practice. In reality, this approach overlooks the tremendous short-term and long-term benefits of mobility training during the warm-up period.


Second, other coaches adhere to the mentality that sport participation should begin with static stretching followed by light jogging and finally a progression to sport-specific activities. While definitely more forward-thinking than the “show and go” adherents, these coaches overlook the potential negative ramifications of pre-exercise static stretching”



Now, and I’m not altogether sure this is something I should be telling you, but Dr. Toby Brooks (the IYCA’s Director of Education and Research) told me just yesterday that this High School Certification textbook and course is the best and most informative resource the IYCA has ever produced.


“The best we’ve ever produced”.


According to a PhD, Coach and Professor at Texas Tech University.


Tuesday January 25…


Mark your calendars.



– Brian


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  1. Scott Agee says:

    As much as I have respected you guys (and it’s a lot), getting someone on board like Eric Cressey lets me know for certain that this is indeed the organization that I want to be associated with.

  2. Scott Agee says:

    And Mike Robertson. I’ve learned a lot from these two EXPERTS!!

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