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Fitness Programs For Kids

Fitness Programs For Kids speed training for young athletes
International superstar Speed Coach Lee Taft and I agree on almost everything related to training athletes.


Together, we have found through our combined 40 years of experience that these are the 3 most important factors to a successful speed training program –



Speed Key #1 – Create a Developmental System
Training for speed has to be developmental in nature.


With younger athletes (6 – 9 years old) training for speed is a matter of allowing kids to explore various aspects of movement from a self-learning perspective.


As a Coach or Trainer, your objective is to create games and drills that provide a broad-base of multi-directional movement (i.e. forward, backwards) as well as timing-oriented skills (i.e. skipping to a specific cadence).


It is important to resist the urge to ‘over-teach’ or ‘make perfect’ the way your youngsters are performing these skills.


Young nervous systems must be given the opportunity to learn through a trial and error process, what quality movement feels like.


With athletes 10 – 18, your training efforts can become much more teaching based and focus will shift to perfection of movement habits and eventually ‘drilling’ (i.e. repetitive sets of specific skills).


Do not be fooled into thinking that young athletes and more mature athletes can learn the skills associated with speed & agility in the same way, however.


A developmental system is necessary for optimal speed & agility training.


Our new Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification contains the complete developmental process that Lee and I have used successfully for nearly 4 decades.


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Speed Key #2 – Not All Athletes Require the Same Training
Contrary to popular belief, there is no ‘more important’ training feature when it comes to optimal speed training.


Some athletes are very strong, but don’t position themselves well during deceleration phases of movement.


Some athletes have great first step capacity, but don’t posses quality systemic strength.


Some athletes decelerate with great efficiency, but don’t have the ability to re-accelerate or transition.


In each of these cases, the athlete is not ‘optimal’ when it comes to being able to demonstrate speed and agility within the context of a game situation.


Fitness Programs For Kids

When you first begin working with an athlete, it is critical to watch them move before you begin organizing what types of training will benefit them most.


This ‘visual assessment’ will become incredibly important in your task of making each and every athlete in your care the fastest and quickest they possibly can be.


The Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification contains a well-laid out strategy that discusses this important issue and how you can begin assessing your athletes’ ‘speed deficits’ right away.


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Speed Key #3 – Speed is Teachable
Far too many Coaches and Trainers still believe that speed and agility are natural gifts that athletes are either born with or without.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Optimal speed is based on applying force at the right time and in the right way.


Force = Strength


Strength is a teachable and trainable commodity.


Moving In The Right Way At The Right Time = Movement Economy


Quality movement and body position are also incredibly teachable.


In order to make your athletes the fastest players on the court or field, a well laid out system of progressive development is necessary.


The speed training system Lee and myself use has been tested and proven successful with literally thousands of athletes all over the world.


The Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification contains a very specific and detailed look at our system and allows you to use it with your own athletes right away.


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