Every Sports Coach Needs to Know These

Every sports coach wears a number of different hats, and it’s important to know how these three components measure up, if you hope to improve your young athletes!

Every sports coach should know these three components and in this video, IYCA CEO, Jim Kielbaso shares them:

Once you review the videos, we would love to hear from you! What sport do you coach and what component do you feel you need to pay more attention to?

We look forward to hearing from you!


Jim Kielbaso IYCAJim Kielbaso is the President of the IYCA and Owner of Impact Sports Performance in Novi, MI. He has authored multiple books, articles and training products and has spoken at events around the world. He holds a BS in Exercise Science, an MS in Kinesiology and has gone through multiple certifications through the IYCA, NSCA, NASM and more. Jim is a former college strength & conditioning coach and has trained thousands of athletes at every level of competition. He runs a successful NFL Combine training program in Michigan and has been hired as a consultant for major sports programs like the University of Michigan Football Program and the University of Kentucky Basketball Program.

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