Dynamic Football Warm-up and Sample Workout

Join IYCA Certified Coach, Efrain as he shares his Dynamic Football Warm-up and Sample Workouts!

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Below is a warm-up series for middle & high school football athletes.

General Physical Preparation, Flexibility & Mobility

  • Run an easy lap around the track or field
  • Glute bridge – Lay supine on a mat or field with heels on the ground and toes pointed up. Raise hips and pelvis off the ground and hold for 1-2 seconds. Do 1 set of 10 reps.
  • Hip crossover – Lay supine on a mat or field with knees at 90 degrees and touching together. Lift legs swing over and down until the bottom knee touches the ground and hold for 1-2 seconds. Do 1 set of 5 reps per side.
  • Calf stretch – Loop foot over ankle; straighten leg and hold for 1 second. Do 1 set of 8 reps per calf.
  • Lunge and Reach Series – Forward Lunge Walk while reaching hands up and overhead (5x each side). Reverse Lunge Walk and rotate the torso across the front leg (5x each side). Lateral Lunge, holding a wide stance lunge side to side to activate adductors and groin area (5x each side).
  • Knee Grab – Perform in a walking motion. Grab a knee and pull it towards your chest while going up on the ball of your foot on the stance leg. Hold for a one count, then take a big step and perform on the other side (10x each side). Knee Flex – Perform in a walking motion. Grab your foot and pull your heel to your butt while going up on the ball of your foot on the stance leg. Hold for a one count, then take a big step and perform on the other side (10x each side).
  • Toe & heel walks, 2 x 10-15 yards, walk on your tippy toes then walk back on your heels, perform 2 sets.
  • Straight leg runs, 4 x 10-15 yards, run dorsi-flexing your ankles and keeping toes up towards the sky. Perform 4 consecutive sets then slow down for Frankensteins.
  • Frankenstein Walks – Straight leg march in place with arms extended and hands at chest level. Attempt to touch hands with foot. (10 x each leg)


Speed build-up, Conditioning & Coordination

(All performed for 2 reps x 15 yards)

  • Backwards Run – Concentrate on a full stride, fully extend your leg using your hams and glutes.
  • Butt Kicks – Move forward while kicking your butt with your heels. Take your time covering the distance but move your feet quickly.
  • High knees – Move forward while pumping knees towards chest.
  • Shuffle – Shuffle feet side to side while maintaining an athletic stance. Can also sub for Carioca drill
  • Carioca – Use the same body position as the shuffle but perform a cross over run, concentrating on staying low and moving your hips while keeping feet straight

Sample Workout 1:


  1. Skips for distance, 3 x 15 yards, recovery 30 seconds
  2. Up downs, make sure to jump straight up and high, 3 x 8 reps, rest 40-60 seconds in between sets.
  3. Squat staggered broad jumps, 3 x 8, recovery 60 seconds (explode out of a squat raising hands overhead and land softly into a squat)

Top speed :

  1. Flying 30s, 4 sets, rest at least 60 seconds in between sets – Place 4 cones down 50 yards total, 10 yards will be in between cones 1 & 2 & then 30 yards in between cones 3 & 4, start off by jogging to cone from start and begin accelerating towards next cone ending in a full sprint from cone 3 to 4

Cool down and stretch

Sample Workout 2:


  1. Pro-agility, 2 x right, 2 x left, time the last 1 for baseline for improvement
  2. First 10 starting drills:
    – One-knee lateral starts, 2 x right, 2 x left, recovery 60 seconds (2 cones 10 yards apart start at one end with your right foot off the ground on command or a whistle player will drop foot turn hips and cross over with the other leg and sprint towards to cone 10 yards away)
    – One-leg linear starts, 2 x right, 2 x left, recovery 60 seconds (Same as above, but this time the player will be looking right at the two cones start with foot off the ground lean in as if you’re going to fall then plant the foot and explode off the next foot sprinting towards the 2nd cone.)


  1. Skips for height, 3 x 15 yards, recovery 60-90 seconds
  2. Squat jumps and toss light med ball or even football, catch and repeat , 3 x 8, recovery 60-90 seconds
  3. Depth jumps & sprint 10 yards, 4 reps, recovery 60 seconds (jump onto and off a small box no more than 12 inches high and sprint)

Cool down and stretch

Although this is a dynamic warm-up for football athletes, it can be used for almost any other sport! In the video below you can see some of these dynamic warm-up for football athletes in motion.

Having a hard time accessing the video? CLICK HERE

Please understand that when participating in any exercise or physical activity program there is a possibility of physical injury, and choosing to engage in this exercise or exercise program is done so at your own risk. If the activity seems too rigorous for you or your athlete, please refrain from doing.

Author: Efrain Larenas

Owner & Operator at E Class Personal Fitness Training, IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist, AFAA-CPT, Youth & Senior, TRX, AAA-ISMA Certified Small group, Life Wellness, Sports Conditioning 1-3

Over 28 years of experience and 5 years teaching Elementary PE.

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