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Fitness For Kids Long Term Success

Remember one of the critical pillars of the IYCA –


Don’t Train…. Teach!!


Here’s a look at our unique Fitness For Kids development system:


Discovery (Ages 6 – 9) – Creating A Champion


The purpose of this phase is to introduce participants to a wide spectrum on non-specific exercise stimulus that aids in the natural development of coordination habits.


Coaches utilize the principle of Outcome-Based Coaching which allows young participants to learn the physical skills of exercise through an experimental and self-discovery based means.



Exploration (Ages 10 – 13) – Transitioning To Champion


Not unlike the Discovery phase of the IYCA Developmental Model, Exploration is based on young participants establishing athletic intelligence through a carefully planned programming structure that allows them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play.


Unlike Discovery however, Exploration also includes an educational portion within which Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution.


This transitional phase allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to a more programmatic structured version.



Transformation (Ages 14+) – Becoming A Champion


The Transformation phase is where more concerted training application takes place. Whether the goal is sporting excellence, fitness, wellness or obesity prevention, this portion of the IYCA Developmental Model is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.


What you don’t know about youth fitness and sports training is contributing to
the problem….. Understand how to work with kids and teens properly through a
developmental model that works!


This Fitness For Kids system is the wave of the future and it’s about time you got on board –


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– Brian



5 Responses

  1. Hollister Struck says:

    Great stuff Grasso! This is exactly what the overall audience needs–consistent modeling of how and who should work with youth and at what ages are appropriate for chosen activities that are put into place. This is such a real topic as I have experienced many of the discussed approaches followed by coaches who are unfortunately acting as trainers rather than coaching. Keep it fun, keep it simple, Keep it safe.

    -Hollister Struck

  2. Marvin E. Stoner says:

    I totally agree with you comment that coaches should be the individuals dealing with the fitness of our young people. as a physical Education teacher and coach for the last 37 years it has been the focus of my program and is the core of coaching and teaching program.
    Thanks for all your work and keep pushing. Marvin

  3. PITA LENOA says:

    I want to enrol as a Youth Fitness Specialist with IYCA but unfortunately when I started to fill in my billing information my country (Fiji) is not listed on your listing.

    Please advise what alternative(s)do I have so I’m able to enrol as a Youth Fitness Specialist with IYCA

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Kind regards,
    Pita Lenoa

  4. Sara says:

    Hi Pita,

    I am not sure why Fiji was excluded from the default list of countries in our shopping cart, but I just added it manually. You should be able to place your order now. If you need any more help, the best way to get in touch is to email support@iycasupport.com

    Have a great weekend : )

  5. SoCal Brian says:

    Couldn’t of broke it down better myself! Brian, you should put together a brochure or even a booklet (downloadable maybe) on your training philosophy for just the parents to read, specifically from you and the IYCA. I think once a parent is reminded or informed of these pathways to physical ed, fitness and exercise they will be willing to get back to the root or the foundation which leads to real authentic athletic success!

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