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Youth Fitness Training lessons from Obama

Yesterday I wrote about the ‘winds of change’ as Barack
Obama took office as President of the United States.


Did you catch any of the headlines or stories about what
he did in his first day on the job?


Without going into any details, simply put, he made changes.


And whether you like his politics or not, he promised change
and on Day 1, certainly delivered.


Now, here’s what I like about that….


He sent a clear and defining message that he intends to
take action.


It would be very easy to blame the economic crisis on the
past administration.


Simple to throws his hands up and say ‘well what am I
supposed to do’ with the war in Irag.


Or easier yet to cry innocent on the obvious dislike that
occurs between political parties in this country rather than
try to build bridges and close gaps.


But instead, he’s opted to take action.


And while the history books have yet to reveal the scope
of his Presidency’s success, I can assure you that the
only people who ever become successful in this world
are the one’s who don’t point fingers, created excuses
or blame circumstances for their plight in life.


They take responsibility for it all, understand that they
are in charge of their own destiny’s and act on what
they know will serve them.


The IYCA International Summit will be a landmark event.


Cutting edge information related to youth fitness training and youth fitness business


Sure fire strategies to increased profits and career


Better yet, a comprehensive manual that we are quietly
calling the ‘Blueprint for Success Book’ – a literal step-
by-step manual for what you do the second you walk out
the door from the Youth Fitness Training Summit in order to put what you
learned into action.


In short, a weekend full of guarantees.




Why aren’t you coming?


Success only comes to those youth fitness training business owners who take action.


Period.  End of story.


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  1. FUNcoach says:

    I took my family to the inauguration this year. We had never been to an inauguration before. We went to the concert on Sunday, played in the pool / watching MLK celebrations on Monday, and finally spent the whole day with friends (new and old) celebrating on the mall on Tuesday. This was a day never to be forgotten for my family and most families throughout the world. More info at http://www.funbaseballconcepts.com

    I read in the USA Today that the event has inspired people all over the world including a group of African-born Iraqis who have decided to get involved in the political process by creating their own party, “the Free Iraqis Movement”. This group has started to rally the nearly 300,000 African-Iraqis in an attempt to get on the ballet and register voters in a country where they represent only percent of the population. This presidential election has without a doubt inspired the majority of people.

    Of course, I couldn’t help but think of all of my deceased baseball heroes who helped pave the way to this historic day. Players such as Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Buck O’Neil, and many more made sacrifices so that I could experience this day, this event, and even create my website. All of these guys from history have affected the sport of baseball and the way the world views the inclusion of all people in the process.

    I leave this inauguration transformed, inspired, and ready to hit more baseballs. Play Ball!

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