Complete Athlete Development


Complete AThlete Development



The ‘Complete Athlete Development‘ System…


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“When I read Brian’s ‘Speed & Movement Techniques’ chapter in his Complete Athlete Development Program, I knew that I was on to something very special…


… When I watched the corresponding DVD’s, I realized in an instance that the techniques and progressions he was showing were going to make my athletes the fastest and most agile in the game…


… I was right!”


I received that email from Heath Croll about 3 years ago.


My ‘Complete Athlete Development’ system was brand-new and I was anxious for feedback.


It’s one thing to coach successfully for 10 years, it’s another thing altogether to put your system on paper and ask people to believe in it.


But believe in it they did.


Fitness Professionals, Strength Coaches, High School Coaches – even Parents and Athletes!


The ‘Complete Athlete Development‘ system became a literal overnight success worldwide.


High School Coaches like Joe Sanchez:


“We made it to the 8A State Quarterfinals for two consecutive years – this had never been done before in school history”
Fitness Professionals like the world-famous Zach Even Esh:


“Any Trainer, no matter how experienced, can make dramatic improvements to their overall training programs… Your system KICKS MAJOR BUTT!!”


Parents like George Zartsky (father of a Division One College Volleyball player):


"This system is absolutely essential. My daughter became more agile, more speed oriented and stronger"

And athletes like Dan Pohlman of Northwestern University (now the Arizona Diamondbacks):


“This system has gotten me into the best shape of my life. I am blessed to have been able to work with someone who has the ability to take my athletic preparation to such an extraordinary level"


That’s the thing.


Complete Athlete Development isn’t about ONE success story.


It’s a comprehensive and fully-loaded SYSTEM for training athletes that has proven the test of time… FOR EVERYONE WHOSE EVER USED IT


Strength Coaches (like Heath Croll).


High School Coaches (like Joe Sanchez).


World-class Fitness Professionals (like Zach Even Esh).


Parents (like George Zartsky).


And athletes (like Dan Pohlman).


This is exactly why I decided to make ‘Complete Athlete Development’ even easier for you to obtain.


  1. It’s 100% digital (absolutely no waiting for shipping… It’s YOURS the very second you place the order)

  2. I reduced the price to only $97


Less than $100.


A full system that has proven successful all over the world and championed by Strength Coaches, Fitness Professionals, High School Coaches, Parents & Athletes.


My own personal rock-solid system for training ALL athletes for ALL sports…. 6 – 18 years of age.


You could not ask for a more ‘immediate’ program (remember, you get access to it the very second you place the order).


You could not ask for a better, more discounted price ($97 for a system that has transformed the world of youth sports conditioning).


You could not ask for a more ironclad, guaranteed purchase (just re-read those words from the people above if you want a reminder of how effective ‘Complete Athlete Development’ is).


Here is where you need to go next:




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Until next time.





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