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  1. Donovan "DFitnessguy" Owens says:

    “It’s amazing what you are capable of doing when you decide that you want to do something”

    This is how people who believe in what they are doing speak.

    If you are not a believer in what you want or what your doing then, most likely, you’re not be doing what your passion is.

    If you haven’t met Brian yet, you should…in him you will see someone who is doing what he is passionate about. In him you will see someone who believes deeply that what he is involved in WILL change the world.

    That’s contagious folks. Get these kind of people around you and dig into your own passion.

    Keep it coming Brian!

    Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

  2. Joanne says:

    Cant wait, how long????

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