Coaching Young Athletes – Your Passion or Job?

Coaching Young Athletes Can Be So Rewarding.

“We made it to the State Quarterfinals for two consecutive years.
This had never been done before in school history”

I would say that’s the crowning achievement of my career.

I’ve trained Olympic athletes.

Highly paid professionals from various sports.

National Team competitors from all over North America and

But I have never been more honored or filled with pride than I
was when I received a letter from the head football coach of
a high school program I volunteer for.

The quote above was part of that letter.

There is something uniquely special about working with and coaching Young Athletes.


So much so that it’s left me sleepless tonight.

I’m writing this to you at 2:00am and am literally bursting at
the seams with energy and exuberance.

I don’t love my job.

I don’t love my career.

I love my place in the world.

My destiny and path.

To aid in the grooming and development of young men and women
through sport, but for the purpose of life preparation, is an
honor that cannot be described in words.

It is a calling.

Something you are compelled to do.

For years I have beencoaching young athletes and teams.

Over 15,000 to date and counting.

And I remember them all.

I stay in touch with as many of them as I can to this day.

They were not my clients and I there Trainer.

They were my focus and reason for getting out of bed every

For 14 years, I have not had one day of work.

I have had 5,110 days of enthusiastic joy, though.


This all may sound odd and a touch ‘mushy’ – but that is the
difference between a job and a passion.

My obligation to these kids far exceeds wanting them to get
faster and stronger.

It is in helping cultivate their futures.

And by default, the future of our world.

Yes, my young athletes are widely known as the fastest, strongest
and most injury resistant.

But they also are know to be the best students, most
trustworthy people and have gone on to have success in both
the sporting world and beyond.

It’s much more than speed training or understanding lifting

It’s about combining the best possible training methods with
a coaching system that truly helps young people reach for the
stars in every conceivable way.

My years of experience, trail and error, many mistakes and
re-evaluations have all been honed down into one system that
works – it works every time for any aged athlete in any sport.

It’s the entire system that has the right ingredients of speed,
strength, athletic development, agility and coaching.

I’ll never forget the look in the eyes of those 70+ high school
football players as they took the field for the State
Quarterfinals for the second year in a row.

It was over two years ago and I still get chills thinking about Coaching Young Athletes.

We lost that game.

But as several of the kids came off the field, crying with
disappointment, they sought me out, wrapped their arms around me
and said…

“Thanks Coach…. for everything”

That’s the difference between a passion and a job.


I’m going to be making Complete Athlete Development available
one last time at some point over the next couple of weeks.

I hope you can see how important an opportunity that is for you.


‘Till next time,


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  1. andy sasimowicz says:

    Inspiring Brian.I fully understand where you are coming from.I spent 10yr in the voluntary section dedicating my life to kids of all abilities before progressing to the professional field.I cannot explain the joy one has when you are thanked by young people who you have nurtured over many years. Call it ego what ever Brain but I thinks its more, its caring and loving your sport and giving something back to kids at all levels irrspective of ability WE CARE.I believe we all subconciously strive to be appreciated and it is a nice thing when someone say thanks you have effected my life in a positive way.We need IYCA in the UK.

  2. Phil says:

    Timing is everything. My wife and I are certified high school teachers in Ontario,Canada. We decided to follow our passion for fitness 6 years ago and we opened a personal training business.
    Today we received an email from one of my wife’s former students who explained how she was an inspiration to the student both at school and in her personal life. As she explained in the email how my wife was a positive influence in her life, I found myself welling up with pride for not only my wife, but for what we do on a daily basis without even knowing. It is always the best payment when you get someone thanking you for changing their life. As you put it “our calling” is being fulfilled.

  3. Ruben Leyva says:

    Brian, WOW your newsletter hits the spot! It is so TRUE! Passion! I know I haven’t coach as many teams or athletes as you, but I can say that the athletes that I have trained I feel that same drive or passion that you have and feel on a daily basis. It always feels good to feel part of something special when it comes to athletes or competitive teams whether they win, lose, or draw! Making a difference in young athletes lives is what makes me wake up in the mornings! You are a HuGE inspiration Brian and thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us.

  4. Aaron M says:

    You have a gift very few people of the world will ever truly understand. The unfortunate truth is that we all share gifts of varying degrees, but few of us will evey cultivate them for lack of understanding, desire or means. I admire your dedication to the youth of this world and hope to follow in your foot steps one day. I live in Wisconsin and will be taking my PFT certification exam in Chicago, on August 2. Shortly thereafter I will be relocating to the Chicago area to begin my career working with children in the area. I hope to be as successful in my chosen field as you continue to be in yours.

  5. IYCA says:

    I am honored to have read all your posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them.

  6. eric ross says:

    hey brian,
    its nice to meet someone with the same passion and desires for our young kids. i see to many coaches filling postions instead of committing there heart and soul to those who look up to them. i am just recently a head cross country coach and the bond i have with these kids is like no other. i recieved a letter from my team captain (a graduating senior) a thank you letter that was so inspiring and full of gratatude that no dollar amount could replace the centiment he shared of his experience and what he had learned in his time with me.i spend most of my time educating, motivating and encouraging and if they only knew the efforts they put forward truely inspire me to a level that i have trouble comprehending – thats the return, im supposed to be the guy inspiring and i find myself being inspired – this is the true definition of PRICELESS!!!!

  7. IYCA says:

    Agreed Eric…. and very well said! Congratulations on all your success.

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