Points to Success as a youth fitness specialist

O.K… So here they are….


Point 1


As a youth fitness specialist, Follow Principles not Values


I take this from the work of Stephen Covey in the 8th Habit.


We too often measure our success by the ‘values’ of a situation.


How much weight did we lose


How much money do we make


How many ‘A’ grades did we get on our report card


These are the items that most of us chase, but they are superficial and seldom

give us depth or a sincere appreciation for life.


Rather than following or pursuing the ‘values’ in life, go after the principles of

a situation.


What makes you feel good?


Whatever it is, do that.


Money will come.


Pounds will drop.


Good grades will happen.


All we have to do is pursue our desires with conviction.


The secondary factors I mentioned above will come on their own…



Point 2




This is a Zulu word that technically means ‘hello’.


But it has a much deeper meaning than that.


The literal translation is ‘I See You’ and is used as a formal greeting when

seeing friends or family.


And I love the concept.


We are so loose with language in our society.


Think about what you say when you pass a friend along the street…




What’s Up


How You Doing


Informal. Lacking passion. Do you even really care about what the answer is?


Sawubona is a word I’ve come to embrace as having a deeper meaning.


“I See You”


I’m paying attention.


My focus in on you.


I find that very powerful.


But here’s the real point of that word as far as I’m concerned.


I’ve learned to say it to myself.


Do you really know that person you see when looking in the mirror each morning?


Have you truly connected with yourself and understand who you are, where your

passions lie and what you want in life?


Give it a try sometime…



Point 3


Don’t Think – Create Habits


Thoughts don’t become things.


They don’t translate into tangibility unless they are converted.


Powerful thoughts or images you may have for yourself or your life will only

become real if you start creating daily habits around making them so.


This is one of the major limitations people have in our society.


They imagine and ‘dream’ of large scale things for themselves, but keep them

as nothing more than thoughts.


If you truly want to live your dreams, than start creating daily habits around making

them so.


This will change your life forever…


So those are my own personal success habits.


What do you think?


Leave your comments below….


12 Responses

  1. Roby says:

    When are you moving to Kentucky?

  2. Mate!

    I agree, I love it, as an athlete I know its all about habits! Your not gonna be the top pole vaulter in the UK by just thinking about it!

    It was quality at the time & good to recap on it today,

    Good work.

    Easy on the Lucky Charms!


    PS: Checkout my new blog my friend if you have time, I value your opinion.

  3. Jerry says:


    I love your passion for youth fitness, but more importantly I love your passion for sharing from your heart. I look forward to meeting you in person. Keep the fires burning.


  4. Tim Kolodziej says:

    Right on, Brian! Great stuff! I agree wholeheartedly with all of your points and I would like to further explore No. 2, Sawubona. I think we really must work hard on being “aware” of our choices each day. Oftentimes, we live like victims of our circumstances, but we make hundreds of choices each day — what to eat, what to read, what words to choose, who to call, etc. We have much more control over our environment than we think. I believe your post offers a road map for us to follow, and “Awareness” and “discipline” can help when we begin to veer off course. Thanks again for your wisdom, Brian.

  5. Liz says:

    You are sooo right! I had a profound experience that same weekend and you are a big part of it. Please contact me so that I can tell you all about it. It will catapult you further into your higher consciousness. Either that or you’ll soil yourself! 😉

  6. Matt Jennings says:

    Hey Brian,
    Sawubona, brother.
    Even in your Level 1 YFS DVD’s
    Sawubona was present every time you addressed an attendee who had a question or response.
    You are a good dude brother Brian.


  7. Rob Kirkland says:

    Brian I appreciate how transparent you are and how much passion you have for life. Much success to you and thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Dear Brian and all Iyca’s member
    I’m very glad to be your member, and the “certificat level1” gives me a new image like as an coach/parent
    I’never leave my dream, I’m a coach in my spirit and in my blood and my body enjoys that forever.
    Give me agen 2 days, I’ll give you my final decision. By the way, my desire is to be in seminar or formation with another Iyca’s members-trainers. If you can send to me all conditions about the next participation.

    Thank you very much

    Best regards.

  9. Phil says:

    You are a fine man Brian. The success you have earned is well deserved.

  10. Andy Sasimowicz says:

    Dont think about it do it!The standards you set today can enhance not only your inner soul but that of the people you teach and mentor.Well done Brian and all IYCA members.

  11. gustaaf smeets says:

    thank you for your inspiring thoughts. will try to live up to it, with the help of my wonderful son Pieter.

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