Brian's Close Call

I’ll just come straight out with it.


I wrecked my car last weekend.


Something I likely won’t forget anytime soon.


I was driving from Chicago to Minnesota in order to present at a
seminar in St. Paul.


Scheduled to speak at 10:40 in the morning on Sunday, I opted to
leave my house at around 11pm Saturday night.


I had slept a bunch that day and was completely rested, so felt good
about making the 6 hour drive through the night.


At roughly 3am I found myself driving on a very poorly lit stretch of
the Wisconsin country-side. Wide awake, in great spirits and enjoying
an educational CD playing from my car’s stereo.


I won’t belabor the details or try to write in any sort of suspenseful


Just the facts.


Without warning at all, an animal of some sort ran across the highway
and struck the front of my car.


I could tell in an instant that something was wrong – my car immediately
started to decelerate.


I coasted for another 1/4 mile or so before I found myself sitting on the
shoulder of a very vacant and quiet portion of I-90.


I’ll admit to being shocked and completely unsure of what to do.


And truth be told, it was at that exact moment that the "what if" parade
of thoughts started entering into my brain.


Yes I was stranded.


Yes my car was all but totaled.


Yes I was absolutely alone and isolated.


But it could have been so much worse.


Quite frankly, I don’t have much motivation or incentive to start listing
off the "what if" scenarios.


I suppose I opted to write this to you just because the one glimmer and
silver lining I took from the experience was this –


Life is an amazing thing. It can’t be taken for granted. Ever.


Regrets are horrible things and I want to encourage you to never have


Are you living everyday with the passion and commitment necessary
to obtain your dreams?


Sometimes we need a wake up call in order to remind us of how
important that is.


It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day.


It’s easy to complain at the slightest inconvenience.


It’s easy to get complacent and stagnant.


It often requires a wake-up call of mass proportions to shake us from
those vices.


Last weekend, I got mine.


I hope vicariously after reading this, you won’t need to experience one
for you to start taking action on those things you’ve been putting off.



In good health and spirits,


– Brian



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2 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    You already saw the “silver lining” in all this and the many “what ifs” didn’t happen. Congratulations! Something can always be learned about ourselves and how we can be appreciative if what we have in the midst of adversity.
    The old standbys of “If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger”, and “Pain is weakness leaving the body” “etc.” have some merit in my book. (Not for the youth, just me!)
    PS. I have to ask, did you get a tag for it?

  2. Todd DeWolf says:

    Just glad you’re ok big guy. I’m with you on the big message.

    Sorry I missed you in the T-dot. Hope to catch up with you some time.



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