Becoming Indispensable to Young Athletes: Part 2

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The only way to get more in the future is to do more wherever you are now.


Promotion in business isn’t an AWARD for the time you put in…


It’s a REWARD for the hustle and indispensability you create.


And the exact same holds true for your life at large.


Promotion in life (better relationships, increased fulfillment, more satisfaction) is EARNED through the daily action of striving to become better.


You are not entitled.


You will not get lucky.


You don’t deserve it.


You will be rewarded for becoming an indispensable ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’.


Do you work to be indispensable every single day?


Do you inspire your young customers, merely by the way you conduct your own  life (and not solely through your Coaching Style).


Do you provide positive role modeling to your community by striving, with great zeal, to accomplish the things you want in your life – vicariously and non-verbally asking them to do the same?


Being ‘necessary’ is a choice….


But don’t ever fool yourself by thinking you automatically are.


Consider the question of “EXPENDABLE versus INDISPENSABLE” today.


And please, leave your thoughts below by answering these 2 questions:


1) Are you an Indispensable ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’?  If so, why?


2) What can you do better (starting today) to make yourself indispensable?


The IYCA is and always will be about MORE than just the sets and reps when it comes to young athletes


Become a ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’ Today ==> https://iyca.org//yfs1


– Brian


Young Athletes


2 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I would like to think so. I think being certifed via IYCA and learning the top ways to not just train, but to educate the young athletes on the various aspects of the training they do. The needs of these young athletes are varied and require a different approach than training adults.

    I can continue to get better by continuing to read about the latest topics concerning these athletes, so I best help develop them both on and off the field.

  2. Will says:

    One, No I am not yet an indispensible ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’ yet but with each day, more work, and your help I try my best to become that. Two, I know that I need not doubt my abilities and knowledge to have success. Put all of the negative thoughts out and focus on the success.

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