Band Exercises for Young Athletes

5 Band Exercises for Young Athletes to Start a Youth Strength Training Program

Dave discusses band exercises for young athletes
By Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz

Bodyweight training is without question the first line of training when it comes to designing a youth strength training program. Young athletes must learn how to move and control their body, and bodyweight strength training is the safest way to achieve that.

However, I also find band training to be a great next step. (I know that surprises you!)
Band exercises for young athletes

Why Band Exercises for Young Athletes Should Come after Bodyweight Training

  1. It is a very safe way to train as long as you use the correct size of band that allows your young athlete to go through a full range of motion.
  2. Band Training makes an athlete have to push through a full range of motion. What this does is teach young athletes how to load and explode. They will not be successful at getting through the full motion unless they load first.
  3. They can train anywhere. I find the best time to do a little strength training at this age is either immediately following practice or right before practice. It’s difficult to drag out the dumbbells on the court or field, so it has to be bodyweight and bands.
  4. Band exercises for young athletes allow them to move the way their bodies move. Essentially, it’s bodyweight training with a little extra resistance.
  5. At this age, repetition is the key, not resistance. Training with bands allows young athletes to neuromuscularly train the movement not just the muscle. The ability to handle larger forces will only come once neuromuscular integration is mastered. Band Training teaches intergration in young athletes better than any other tool I have come across.

My band recommendation is orange, red, black, and eventually purple. It is why I created the small single band package. This package provides your young athlete with everything they will need to strength train with bands.

5 Resistance Band Exercises for Young Athletes to Start a Youth Strength Program with Bands

Watch these 2 videos to see the 5 exercises I’d use for starting a youth strength training program with bands.

Getting BETTER with BANDS!!

Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz

PS In the videos, Kenzie is 12 years old and is one of those special young athletes who enjoys a challenge. At the time, she was one of the most disciplined 12-year-old I had ever met, but she was also my favorite 12-year-old in the whole world.

Thanks Kenzie for helping me out!

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