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IYCA Education Time…



September marks the beginning of yet another long school year for kids all over the world.


I remember distinctly the feelings I had as the lazy summer days came to a close and the word ‘responsibility’ started
circulating through my daily thoughts.


Responsibility to wake up earlier than I had been used to.


Get to class on time.


Diligently tend to my homework nightly.


Study hard for each test, avoiding the temptation to ‘cram’ at the last moment.


But I also remember the feelings of satisfaction I had walking into class on the first day of school every year.


My time would be used for the pursuit of knowledge.


Learn fascinating information about new topics.


Broaden my intellect and become a smarter, more well-rounded thinker.


This fall, you have the opportunity to go ‘Back-To-School’ with the IYCA.


For the next 5 days, each and every one of the internationally smash-hit IYCA information products and certifications will be available to you for as much as 50% off retail.


Pursue knowledge


Learn fascinating new information


Become a smarter and more well-rounded Coach or Trainer…


… And save money in the process.


The IYCA’s ‘Back-To-School’ week starts right now:


Click Here to See What I Have In Store For You —-> https://iyca.org/blowout-sale/



– Brian



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