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Strength Training & Young Athletes


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Tony Reynolds

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  1. Aaron says:

    I really liked what Tony said about how to evaluate an athlete: toss them the ball and watch them play. I think a big thing that many coaches don’t do or might fail to do at that point is the one thing they hated doing in school: TAKE NOTES.

    Or if you need to, record them with a camera. Either way, take notes.

    Also what I am taking away is that Tony has a basic program outline for all athletes, but then also have a corrective program for each specific athlete. Is this correct?

    The other thing that I picked up are “outside the box” speed training techniques. I think using a cable or band rotational chop to teach athletes how to resist lateral momentum in deceleration is really something that needs to be taken advantage of.

    Far too often we fail to realize that core training is not ONLY doing planks or other isometric stabilization exercises. Instead we should be teaching kids how to decelerate with similar forces and vectors but at a lower velocity. Once we can see that learning has occurred through the use of transfer “tests” then we can begin to increase the loading velocity.

    So one exercise that can be used to teach this is a low-high cable lift. It teaches the athlete to squat when loading, utilize the glutes and knee stabilizers as well as the deep core musculature to stabilize the spine and prevent lateral flexion.

    Great, great interview Brian. Thanks a ton!!

  2. Roy Alfonso says:

    Tony has some very fresh ideas. I enjoyed listening
    to the interview and learned a couple to things.


  3. Dave Evrat says:

    Great interview. Very useful information

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